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Steve Jobs

I just read Steve Jobs died, what the heck happened.  
om amideva hrih,
may you realize a beneficial rebirth
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Here is his inspiring Stanford speech of 2005

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What happened? He had cancer, followed by a liver transplant.
I suspect rejection but who knows?
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Nope.  Wasnt his liver that got him.  It was the pancreas.  
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Although I have not heard this confirmed, there are many article saying that Steve's cancer reoccurred or spread and killed him.

Steve never did recover like he should have after his successful liver transplant. So surely something else (pancreatic cancer) was going on.
"The deaths this week of Apple founder Steve Jobs and Nobelist Ralph Steinman have put this notoriously lethal cancer in the spotlight.

In the U.S., pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths. About 44,030 people will be diagnosed with it and about 37,660 people will die of it this year in the U.S., the American Cancer Society estimates. But pancreatic cancer has actually been on the decline despite no big advances in treatment or early detection. A decline in smoking - one of the top risk factors for the disease - may explain the drop in cases.

Jobs lived more than seven years after being diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor - a less common, slower-growing and more treatable type of pancreatic cancer than the kind that killed Steinman a week ago."

The Apple CEO said little of his illness. But five years after his first cancer surgery in 2004, Jobs was gaunt, lost a lot of weight and had a liver transplant. Experts say his cancer had likely returned or spread.

What a tragic lose to the world.
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