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Travelmom & Amanda....we're back..

Great to be back here after three long years.. I missed you all. A lot has transpired and we needed a hep c break. Update: Amanda is 25 now!!! Graduated from college with a bachelors in health exercise... Divorce for me finalized...well that was more than 3 years ago...but happily divorced.  As my old friends may remember, Amanda has cirrhosis and has been a non responder to ALL treatments she has tried....she has tried everything on and off label imaginable. Went back to Dr. This past December only to find out it was the day before the new miracle drug was to be approved...Sovaldi!  We were so excited, as this in combination with  Olysio had a greater than 93% cure rate. One problem, Amanda is 1b and has the Q80k variant which shows a slightly lower response rate. However, how could we refuse!!! We decided to add ribavirin to the mix just to cover all bases. So 2 weeks ago to the day Amanda started her 10th round of treatment. She had her VL checked at one week and she is at 80!!!!!  Started at 1.2 million, down to 80 in one week!!!!! Fingers crossed!!!! We will certainly keep you all posted but we would love to hear from all of our old friends..... As well as new friends.  Would love to offer support to any newbies. Anyone out there????  MikeSimon, Susan400, Andiamo, child24angel, dancegirl54, dragonslayer, forseegood and all my old friends.  Please send updates. Hope everyone is doing well. Now with these new interferon free drugs hitting the market we will all soon be free from this terrible disease. Also, wanted you all to see Amanda's blog she just started; it's about her story with being diagnosed, as well as some other stuff she has been dealing with. Would love the support. Her address is www.mandajyll.com. We will keep you all posted. Love to all, Jodi (Travelmom) & Amanda.
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Welcome back! I remember you and Amanda.  It is so nice to see your name on here.
I pray that this one will do the trick
All my best
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Hi Jodi. I've followed Amanda's journey off and on since reading of her on mkandrew's blog in '03 (?). Good luck and best wishes to both of you.
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Hi there. I remember you !!
Thanks for filling us in and best of luck for Amanda.

The short story about me is that I had a live liver transplant in April 2009 with my daughter as my donor. In 2010-2011 I successfully did hep C treatment.
Now, life is good, I"m gardening, painting and feel better than I have in a long, long time.
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Hi, I remember you and Amanda and the heartbreak you both went through in the Vertex trials.  It is great to hear that Amanda is fine and that she has new hope of SVR.

The time is coming soon when I hope to see all the old hands coming back on and announcing their success with the new drugs - including myself.

Great to hear your news,
All the best,
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Great update.
I understand sometimes you need a break.
It's good to have you back.

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I also remember you from way back.  
It's nice to read your update and I think the odds for Amanda are excellent.

Oddly, your post is timely for another long time member, and I will direct them to this thread.

I used to be up on 4C, but it has been 5ish years since I last communicated.  People need to take breaks at times as you know.  Perhaps one day she will show up just as you unexpectedly have with her own good news.

Best wishes and thanks for checking in. It's great to hear your news.  : )
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Hi there Jodi and Amanda !! good to hear from you both !!!
Amanda it is wonderful you're responding to treatment !!!!!

Jodi   thank you for posting and checking in it's always good to hear
from our friends.  I know you're happy for Amanda ! I will keep
both of you  in my prayers.

Much Love and Hugs,
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It's great to hear from you and it's especially wonderful to learn that Amanda is responding to treatment.
Man, it's been a long hard road and you two traveled it with grace and fierce determination.
Amanda's blog is a real treat.

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Wow, ten treatments....I am so sorry that Amanda and you have had to go through this, and I am hopeful that she will be able SVR with this off label combination that her doctor is trying.  Best wishes!
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Hi there, Jodi, I responded to you by PM.  I'm still around, but lurking.  Don't post or read often.  Like you, I too, needed a break from the forum.    I think Amanda and I are probably the award winners for the most treatments!  Not an award I would covet if I was on the first treatment end of the spectrum. But, the bright side of things.., we're still in the fight.
I'll try to stay in touch.

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