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Watch Insurance Coverage/ Michigan & USA

Today, I recieved a letter from the State of Michigan that indicated my prescription coverage had been canceled.
I was given directions as to how I might restore my coverage. I retired in February from Detroit Public Schools.
The letter indicated I was sent a form I should have returned, but  I never saw the letter or form. I guess I've been too sick to keep up with little things. I guess I've been too busy being the caregiver for my parents.

I worked in the Central Office of the district for many years in a rather impressive position.
I never expected anything like this to happen. First, force you out of the job and then
try to scam you out of your insurance.  I have not been retired a year.

If I had been on Medicare it would  take 3 months to restore my prescription coverage.
I'm on Week 23 of 48. I was lucky enough to open the letter. I don't want anyone else to find themselves in this position.  If it can happen here in Michigan it will happen in other states around the country.



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Unfortunately, it would seem that what has happened to you is much more likely to be occurring as more and more municipalities and states find themselves without needed funding.  These are strange times.  I do hope that you find a way to continue your treatment.  Good luck.
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As of this morning my insurance has been reinstated effective September 1, 2012. Unfortunately, it may take as long as 14 days to actually get it really up and running.

I have enough medication to last that long. I could run into
problems as it relates to Pegasus, but I have one extra injection from before my meds were reduced. I can take that in a pinch. I also have one of my new dose. My doctor has some of the old dose he will assign when meds are running late etc. I doubt my treatment wil be interupted.

It's just that this is just insulting.

It's happening state workers and they are angry.They will try their best to resolve this because they know it's wrong.

If pushed I can bring a lot of pressure to the situation. I am well known in the city because of a very public career before coming to the district.

But, this will be resolved because it's a miracle I picked the letter out of  stacks of mail. It had to be devine intervention or prayer that allowed me
to go to it and open

I just want this to serve as a caution of what can happen so our friends
can be watchful.


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Congrats on getting your insurance reinstated.  I am sure your Dr will work with you to continue your meds.  I am sure they see this happen a lot.  And I bet the state of MI was hoping you wouldn't open up that letter either.  A lot of these states are probably going to try and pull the wool over our eyes. I have state coverage for pre-existing conditions and I am sure they would love to get rid of me :)      Thanks for the heads up.  

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I agree they didn't expect me to read the letter.
It was a scam!!! The letter was dated 8/31/12 and I had 30 days in which to respond. The first letter came from BCBS. How many sick people look at
all their mail from Blue Cross.

I hope my warning will alert others like you who could be put in jeopardy.

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Yea the last thing you want to do when you feel like [email protected]# is walk to the mailbox and open up your mail.  

Interesting I have BCBS also.  

Guess I will drive my car to the mailbox if I have to.  :)
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