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Which doctor should I listen to?

The liver doctor in Las Vegas who was my doctor for 14 years prior to my liver transplant said something I need everyone's opinion on. Being Italian, I always enjoyed a glass of wine with my dinner. After the transplant and feeling great, I asked the doctor if I could have one glass of wine daily with dinner. His response was "You have a perfectly good liver now and one glass is fine". The liver doctor in California at UCLA Medical Center said "Not one drop". Who should I listen to?
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I think as many doctors you talk to you will find an equal number of opinions in the subject.

What does your heart say is the right thing to do?
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Playing it safe, I have one or two glasses of champagne on special occasions such as birthday, Christmas, etc...
Sounds like a wise choice the middle ground
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Hi, Magnum.

I wrestled with this issue, too.  I am so addicted to good red wine that I haven't been able to give it up. So far (three years since Tx) my bloods and ecoDoppler are holding up well., even though I came out of Tx with cirrhosis. I would give up wine if I could, but I can't. I need it.
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I wonder if getting a third opinion from a doctor would outweigh the UCLA doctor. I may try that.
Mike you have cirrhosis you really shouldn't be drinking any alcohol. That you say you can’t stop has meaning. No one needs alcohol or wine that is the monkey on your shoulder whispering in your ears lying to you.

If you can’t abstain from drinking alcohol you may consider getting some help. Your liver can’t heal if you keep on injuring it even if only in small doses.

When I was diagnosed with cirrhosis I stopped drinking completely I have slipped all of three times since Jan 2008.

The first was when my brother died in 2011.

The second in 2017 was when I failed passing a test required for a job I had given up my previous job for and was all in to try to make it. Failing at pursuing my dream.

Third one this year was just plain dumb.

Mike please try to quit drinking
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From the Mayo Clinic

“To prevent damaging your new liver, it's important to avoid alcohol. Do not drink alcoholic beverages or use alcohol in cooking.”

Let your conscious be your guide live without regret
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I think it depends. Was alcohol a contributing factor to your cirrhosis?  Will alcohol interfere with your post transplant meds.

Medical experts are divided

From Columbia University

“Can I drink alcoholic beverages after my transplant?
No. Not only is alcohol toxic to the liver, it can also interfere with the metabolization of certain medications. Be aware that many "non-alcoholic" beers do contain some alcohol.”

From NHS  UK


Whether you can drink alcohol after a liver transplant depends on the reason you needed a transplant.

If the previous problem with your liver was caused by alcohol misuse, you'll be advised not to drink alcohol again.

It may also be a good idea not to drink alcohol even if your liver problem wasn't alcohol-related, although in some cases it may be fine to do so in moderation.

Speak to your care team for advice.”

All I can suggest is WWHD

What would Hector do
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