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I am 24 now when I was 21 in jail and first quit drugs I tested positive for hep c. Then I went to a rehab after jail to stay clean , and tested positive again! Then when I got out of there a little while later I got pregnant , got tested positive again. Now my son is 18 mos. and I was having unexplainable nausia  and fatigue loss of apitite and sudden weight loss so they tested me again , they just said they were going to test my "levels" that test came back and it said the levels were either so low they didnt read , or I had spontainiously  rid myself of it! Does this mean its gone? Or I still have it just some "levels were low? Should I get a second opinion? I dont want to question a blessing but it seems to good to be true!
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It may help to know that I have stayed off of the drugs up to date that may help me stay healthier I dont know I just dont want to miss such a big thing
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It is quite possible you cleared it on your own. Do you know the sensitivity of the test? Some tests are what they call quantitatve and others are called qualitative. The qualitative is the one you want to be absolutely sure.
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thank you very much I dont know actually I kinda was excited and got hung up on the thought of it being gone!
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