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can u still have sex

  can you get close to your lover if its your wife
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God I quit having sex years ago.  If I could find someone worthwhile it's one of the habits I'd like to pick up again though ;)
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See, this is where that ovulation tracker thingy-do comes in handy.   I knew there was a reason for that new feature-----NOT!
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And Meki, your a rare still wanted sex on tx girl :) My labido went with the virus :)
Hoping it returns as normal, the virus NOT!
Even when I thought about it, with the fatigue...does a bump on a log sum it up,lol! I was too tired to even reach for the .....ummmm, never mind, this is a family site :)

BUT....C'mon Elaine.....I don't want to quit, like always, forever...nooooooo!

Johnheny....even if your lover wasn't your wife, if your asking if you can have sex with Hep, most say yes. (estimated 3% transmission thru sex). If your asking if you can have sex WHILE your wife is txing....well, unless she's like Meki, probably not much :)

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You can get close to your lover if she is your wife.  If your lover is not your wife, you can still get close to him / her but you should know it's a much higher risk of physical injury and financial loss.  
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7 MONTHS??????

Even on TX I was uhmmmmm well --- able to function... ROFLMAO!

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If you got the urge, go for it.  My urge left for 7 months while on tx. Lucky was wife was understanding. I go for 3 month post tx test tomorrow. Hang in there.
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Here are some links that will help you with your problem.



Hey, maybe I'll send you a teddy bear hug later?  ;-)
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Insert here:  Beagle looking at you with head ticked to the side in that confused, like whaddya mean kinda way...
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What the heck are you asking?

If your wife is your lover - then you darn well better get close to her.

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