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drinking water

If we drink tap water, is it safe to drink if we boil it?
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Won't get any weird minerals out, but usually the city water systems do a good enough job. What you don't want to do is drink or cook with water from the hot water faucet. This is because water heaters have copper tubes and lead soldering and the hot water helps to leach it out. Also, if you have an older house, you want to let your cold water--the water you drink or cook with--run for a minute or so until all the standing water from the pipes has been replaced. Why? For the same reason, you might have old copper and lead pipes and water sitting around in them will leach out more than fresh new water.

Also, let your drinking water sit in an open container overnight. Why? All the chlorine residual will bubble off as a gas. Cooking does this too.

Boiling water will kill Giardia and Cryto which usually are well taken care of at the treatment plants. If they get a detect, they issue a "boil water notice" it is required by law.

How do I know all this stuff? Most of the people I do IT work for are drinking water engineers.
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I meant crypto, as in crypto sproridium.

Also, try to use glass containers to store and use water. Latest studies are showing even Nalgene hard plastic containers leach something out.

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How are you? I agree with the comment above. Instead of boiling it you can also use reverse osmosis or get a counter top distiller. I mainly always drink distilled water for it is easier on the liver and reccomended every where for this. In the distilled process it is boiled and the good water comes through in steam vapor leaving the heavy metals behind .I have been doing distilled water for 20 plus years and think it is one of the reasons i am doing so well today. Although it cooks out the minerals you get plenty of that with a multi vitamin and from food. A product with trace minerals once in a while is sufficient. The water is getting worse. where i live it is allwfull. Near the ocean. There are so many whole house units on the market but they can be pricy.  Boiling it for at least 5 minutes will ensure all the bad things are gone and what the other post said above i agree.
Hope it helps a little.
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Scratchinghead & D977.   Thank you for the info.  

D977 - glad you are still here.
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Yeah, I would love a water distiller. What does coffee taste like made with distilled water? I know almost anything is better than tap water for coffee.
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