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last week I went to my GI for 12wk CBC. LFT and RNA Quan. I made a stupid comment about my 26 yr old son and how he is not providing for his 9 mo old son that I am now forced to help care for. My GI freaked and threatened to stop tx at mid-point. Sent me to a psych Dr. Thought I was going to go postal! LMAO..................Please, If I wanted to harm myself or someone else I sure as h*ll wouldn't put myself thru this to do it. I often joke to friends that I'm allowed 1 suicide and 1 murder while on tx but not necessarily in that order. Just trying to get thru this and counting down the weeks. If she cuts me off I will go to someone who will complete tx. I started this and I'm not a quitter. WBC's dropped again from 5.1 to 2.9 and PLT's dropped a little more since last labs. Can stress affect tx responce???????   9 mo old here and sick again!

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Soooo...Your 1 murder may be your Dr?lol keep your chin up! The doc has probably had an unstable patient or two and and now projects "worst case scenario"...From what I understand, if you haven't had previous psychological issues, then tx isn't going to send you "over the edge"...This is what I've been told by many heppers that have gone through tx...Also, ask your doc if he is seeing signs of severe depression/ psych issues...Sometimes, as patients, others see a problem before we do...If there is cause for concern, discuss medication options, if needed...And yes, stress alone affects the body...and can compound tx problems...You may need to have a sitter for an hour or two in the afternoon so you may take a nap to prevent from getting mowed down by fatigue...After all, we all feel, think, react, and heal better when rested...And tell this to your doc.  Tell him your "back up" plan for when you start to become fatigued..Perhaps this will lessen his "alarm"...Good luck! You're on your way to SVR!
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Thanks for your reply! My Dr wasn't my 1st thought, my son was but now that I think about it?????????????? LOL just kidding! I've decided after last and not much sleep for a week that I have to go..................somewhere else and stay until I get thru this. I have increased irritability and esp. with loud noises and whispering fighting deep voices. Real voices............ my psycho son fighting with his girlfriend all night every night one room over from me......

PS: He told me yesterday she's pregnant [email protected]@@@****!
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Why do our children try to kill us off so frequently?  Especially while on treatment when everything is 100x bigger than it would be anyway - and my girl your problems are HUGE.

It seemed to me that I had tons of horrid stuff on tx too - timing is everything isn't it?

Are you on a good antidepressent?  I took Paxill a month before I started treatment, thank God I really think it kept me from killing people. No joke. In the beginning of the 72 weeks the ribarage was just HORRIBLE - thank God it does seem to abate in time when your body is used to the meds. I couldn't have made it without the AD I don't think.

Good luck Boni - sounds like you'll need it.  Kids.......dear God.....thats all I can say about them today myself.

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Hmmmm... shades of Oedipus. Everyone in the town suffers.
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female doctor I take it?  Sometimes they can be weird.  I mean... no offense to all of us who are women, but doctors can be undersocialized in general at times (no offense HR if you're reading this, you are, of course, the one glaring exception!, lol), but some of the female docs I've had are even worse than the male docs in terms of having absolutely zero sense of humor.

And my sense of humor is pretty far out there anyway because hey, I have to deal with a lot of sh$t medically, so... I need a doctor who can hang with that.

I have to say though, my son's been pretty good while I've been on treatment.  He's hanging out here with me for the treatment duration in lieu of attending college.  He'll go back to school part-time in June, then full time when I'm through treating.  But he's my driver most days because of the meds I'm on.
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Hi!  I just wanted to say KUDOS for helping with the grandbaby!  I take my 6 month old grandson every weekend.  I have since he was 3 weeks old.  He is the light and joy of my life!!!  I just began taking him on Wed.'s as well, though I now insist that my son stay over on the weeknights!  I simply cannot do the night feedings and get up to be at work @ 7:15am!!!  (and I'm a very young grammy!!!!!!)
I am so scared that when I begin treatment I will be less able to care for my sweet babe!  
It is a very important part of my life, and of his.
Good luck!
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