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mrsa hep-c

can you fight this off with hep-c,My sister is in the hospital now with nrsa and staph pneunomia.She is very sick and has been having alot of things go wrong with her health(cellulitis in her leg) What are these conditions?need to know !
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I have hep c and now have a mrsa infection on my leg...it was treated but the course of anti biotics is making me so sick i cant continue...how much am i risking my health by stopping the antibods? I did the interferon with no results and am sick of being sick. Anyone know anything?
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If she is in the hospital, that is appropriate with the problems you describe. I hope she gets the care she needs there.
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mrsa is a skin infection If the immune system can not fight it off, that can start very small looks like a bug bite, If not taken care it can be deadly,   I wish you both well, glad she is the hospital

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   The hep c itself won't make a difference. But why does she have cellulitis and staph pneumonia. Is her liver in such bad shape that she is having all these problems?
   Without more info I can just guess that her Liver may be in bad shape. How long has she had hep c, did she ever have a liver biopsy , was she ever treated for hep c in the past.
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