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sailing mitigates sx

We left the Connecticut river this morning bound for Port Jefferson.  We are on a screaming reach with the wind out of the Nor
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very beautifully written....

thank you
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Hi Eric..happy sails to you. It sounds wonderful. I have sailed into Port Jeff many times. I forget the name of one of the restaurants we used to go to , but man, did they have some great seafood and atmosphere. I hope you and your wife have a great time. I'm sorry to hear the darn anemia is keeping your energy low...but Thank God you can still enjoy what you love. You'll be trimming those sails once again! Until then, thankfully you have a great crew mate/wife!
Keep loggin' on so we can vicariously enjoy your trip.

Be well...keep on with James Joyce...I love his writing!

What fabulous weather the past few days to be on the water!
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Was the restaurant Danford's, or something like that?  There is a main dock next to the ferry slip with a restaurant at the base of the dock.
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That's the one Cap'n. Danford Inn.
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With you in spirit.  I can feel that wind on my face
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I cannot imagine sailing on tx but I am sooooo jealous!!!  Enjoy and let your wife trim those sails!
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Form your nickname, it sounds like you are a sailor as well.  Do you have a boat?
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Hubby & I had a 44' Islander for about 10 years  We lived aboard and did a lot of crusing, Mexico, Central America, Hawaii mostly.  It's in my blood and always will be.
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You are my idol.  I want to live aboard, but my wife doesn't want to.  I suppose we will compromise and sail for 6 months a year for the time being.  Once I get off the drugs, we will take another long cruise; probably through the Caribbean again.

I am in Prove 3, so I don't know when I will finish the tril; it might be 48 weeks and it might be 24.  I won't know until the 14th week; I am in week 12 now.
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Ahhh, Jimmy Buffett comes to mind, mother, mother ocean.  Living aboard is not something everyone can do.  However, if your wife enjoys 6 month cruises, chances are she will be hooked.  I would give up everything to go back and we probably will some day.

I'm not familiar with the Prove 3 trial.  We both did 48 wks on interferon & riba.  I am SVR for one year now.  Hubby relapsed 4 wks after tx.  Sides were horrible, I was very anemic.  The very best of luck to you.

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Thanks for the beautiful, peaceful visual.  My parents lived in Port Jeff after retiring.  I lived in Danbury Ct. after marrying and would take the ferry from Bridgeport over with the kids and dog.  Your post brought back great memories.  We would just sit on the benches and admire the beautiful boats.  There was an awesome wooden boat docked there that we lusted after but I forget the name of it.  Anyway, thanks for sharing and adding positive vibes to the board.  Happy sailing!
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Prove 3 is the latest trial for the Vertex protease inhibitor.  It is double blind, so no one but Vertex knows who has the real drug and how long they will be in the trial.

I consider myself lucky to be in the trial, but the uncertainty along with the usual sides is sometimes difficult to handle.  There is only a 25% chance that I might have a placebo, so I am very optimistic about the final outcome -- SVR!!!!
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We spend a lot of time in Port Jefferson; we dock the boat in Westport, CT so PJ is an easy reach on most days.  We often pass the ferry on the way across (actually the ferry passes us).  We have a mooring in Conscience bay - the bay on your right as you enter the harbor.
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thanks so much for your continued sailing accounts...so nice to see them on this board...
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