I keep reading so many diff things, but is Hep c contracted through sex?
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Hep C is spread by blood to blood contact. It is not considered an STD.
It can sometimes be spread by rough sexual contact.

Be safe, use condoms.
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Be SAFER, use condoms - you mean  :o)
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Of course, that's implied.
Now do you also correct the people who write i when they mean I?

I'm doing tx, if the idea gets across, I don't care how my grammar is, or isn't or, well you know what I mean!

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Just wondered cause I have been with a guy 6 yrs and we have a kid and I just found out the place he worked (a small run place) the secretary has it and she has slept with almost everyone and the boss and they do drugs there, and i was told to get tested. I dont know if he has it ore not cause when i foundout he was back into drugs there I broke up with him this past sept. so unless I got it from him sexually that would be the only way. I do not do drugs or needles, etc.
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PS my doctor still is testing me though because the CDC is saying that you can get it sometimes through reg sex. so.....
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If you are concerned then, of course, get tested.
You can get it through regular heterosexual sex but it's rare - 3% to 5% chance, I believe.

Good luck,
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Hep C is not normally a sex induced disease as previously believed.  Unless a woman is infected& bleeding & the man has a cut or just rough sex.  But there are many ways people get Hep C.  You can get it by the obvious as using needles for drugs, but you can also get it by having someone pierce your ears or "others" body parts now a days.  You can get it from tattoo's, lots of people getting tattoo's now a days.  Or like "blood brothers".  Or such as myself , a doctor "saved" my life 25 years ago.  I had a blood transfusion.
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Like Mike so wisely said, if you're worried, get tested.

Here's another thing to help ease your mind, many of us had hep C for years, raised kids, never knowing we had it, and didn't pass it on to them.
It sounds unlikely that you have it but to ease your mind, and know for sure, get tested.
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My wife and I have been positive for hep C for over 30 years. We only found out about 15 years ago. she has 1a and I 2b. We never infected each other or our children. But please use protection if you are intimate with someone you don't know well (medically) although HCV is rarely transmitted sexually.
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The head of the CDC's hepatitis C fight just commented on this again. He said sexual transmission in straightforward vaginal sex was very unusual and not considered a risk factor -- but it could happen.

This site covers the sex & hep C issue.
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