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to check in and see my ole HepC friends

I hope everyone is doing well.   I am still clear.. or was when last tested.. and sure i am still.. but will have a liver panel run, next check up.     I have been staying away from the doctors for the last couple of years.    Other than I need to go back for Synthroid.. I would probably stay away longer.      

On another note.. My 86 yr old father, was just diagnosed with Stage 4A liver cancer.   won't do any treatments, as the side effects , will mess with his quality of life.. whats left of it.     But I am right here with him.. so can check on him and help take care of him as it gets closer / worse.      

I think of you all , all the time, and pray that those that have now finished are clear.. and positive thoughts and prayers for those that havent.    I will be checking in from time to time, for support dealing with my dad.    Its been a tough past 12 months for me for personal reasons, end this recently illness is compounding that..   Life is what it is I guess..  

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Hi there, Dana and Elaine.  I just popped in for a quick Medhelp looksy.  I don't come on that often anymore, but, Dana, I saw your post.  I'm glad to hear you're still SVR.  I am still in waiting for that, but it looking hopeful with the new sofosbuvir (spelling?) that is supposed to be coming out in a year or two.  I don't qualify for any of the late stage trials-I checked.  They won't take me because of my past issues with exposure to Telaprevir and because of the skin issues as well.  But, I will use this drug once it gets on the market because it has such a high % of TX success.  Take care.  Susan400
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My heart is with you

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