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anyone here serve in the military from 1977- Sept 1980 in Baumholder Germany  us army or in Germany itself please contact me.  in Dec 78 while with the 1/39th inf reg in Baumholder Germany we were given a flu shot which happen to cause a hepatitis outbreak in the unit and I have been trying to reach others who served in the unit.which I have contacted a few, I only wish to prove the VA wrong that veterans did get it from airguns and needles.
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I have a background in Clinical Research so I enjoy doing research and in this case it has proven quite interesting.  

First of all, according to the FDA, "Only one vaccine — one that prevents measles, mumps and rubella — is FDA-approved for administration with a jet injector" and "it has no data to support the safety of most vaccines delivered by jet injectors" and recommended that flu vaccines be given with a syringe.

But if you look at the pictures posted in my profile page, I included the picture of a flu vaccine vial from 1976.  The label says, "Multiple dose vial for jet injector use".  Since it was not approved by the FDA for jet injector use, that makes that vaccine illegal as well as ALL flu vaccines ever given by jet injector.  The FDA says so..

There's a second picture that has 3 vaccines from the 1960's.  The labels say they contain blood and gammaglobuln (a product made from blood ) so that makes those vaccines unsafe.

Speaking of gammaglobulin, it was given to all soldiers going overseas during the 1960's and 70's to try to prevent them from catching hepatitis A and B.  There was just one problem with their plan.  The gammaglobulin, you see, was made from pooled blood from PRISONERS and contained the hepatitis B antigen.

A paper written by Dr Conrad from Walter Reed Institute says, ""Did your gamma globulin contain significant titers of HAA?"
And the doc from Walter Reed says that in one study they used globulin collected by the red cross and it had a high titer.  In another study they used globulin made from a mixture of commercial and prison donors and it had a normal t

FDA Updated Communication on Use of Jet Injectors with Inactivated Influenza Vaccines
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Sorry, the previous post was unfinished....

As I was saying....

Not only was the gammaglobulin made with blood from prisoners, it was also  contaminated with Hepatitis B,(and probably Hep C but back then there was no test for Hep C) it was also stored for years before being used and it didn't prevent hepatitis.  All it did was prevent you from turning yellow when you caught hepatitis.  Gammaglobulin,made the infection anicteric (without jaundice) and more difficult to identify...and the military new this.

They knew because they sponsored the trials done at Willowbrook that showed that gammaglobulin didn't prevent hepatitis.  All it did was keep you from turning yellow.  

One of my sources says ......

"It is clear that under the conditions of this trial gamma globulin did not prevent hepatitis infection; it appeared to suppress jaundice and to modify the disease so as to make clinical recognition more difficult."

Last, but not least, veterans have always been blamed for doing IV drugs and catching hepatitis C that way.  So it is my pleasure to be able to disprove it....

You see,in 1967-69 the military did a study on 107,803 soldiers stationed in Korea to see whether giving them gammaglobulin injections prevented hepatitis.  The 467 who got hepatitis and turned yellow, were hospitalized for a month.  How many of them do you think used drugs?

Because if the VA says they caught hepatitis from IV drugs then some of them must have been on drugs, right?  So how many of the 467 do you think were on drugs?


A paper written by Dr Marcel E. Conrad, Director, Division of Medicine at Walter Reed Army Institute of Medicine who conducted the study, says...

"only a few patients had received transfusion within six months of the appearance of icterus (turned yellow) and there was little evidence from the history and physical examination of the parenteral use of narcotics or habituating drugs among these hospitalized soldiers"

I want to see how the VA is going to try to get out of this one.


My Sources:

Endemic viral hepatitis in U.S. soldiers: Causative factors and the effect of prophylactic gamma globulin

Infectious Hepatitis Studies on the Effect of Gamma Globulin and on the Incidence of Inapparent Infection,


United States Navy Medical News Letter Vol.47, No.1, 7 January 1966

Viral hepatitis in United States soldiers stationed in Korea, 1967-1970
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thanks for the info, the vial that contained the live flu vaccine was a multiedose vial and when we got there the air gun stoped working and they switch to the needle which was used on all of us. this happened in dec 1978,and my service medical rcords reflect that in Jan 1979 they did HAA test on the 10th so I know they were checking for hepatitis .
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If you got the vaccine in December, it would have been too early to see whether you'd caught hepatitis.  

But having that in your records will certainly help you if you are submitting a claim.  If you tell me when and where you went to boot camp and your unit info, I will check to see if we have any jetgun pictures from your unit.

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I went to basic in ft dix nj may 25 1977 thru to sometime july 77 and I was in A company near were you can see maquire air force base from my barracks but was in 4th platoon.  my unit in Germany was 1/39th mechanized infantry 8th inf division Baumholder Germany. I tried to get records from the JSRRC  joint service research h records center and was informed they only research unit records for PTSD for the VA .  What is wrong with that pic,like the VA has more power than the federal government.
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Hello, I just got a service connection for Hep-C from the V.A. the only reason I got it was because my Dr stated in my progress notes I more  than likely got it from in service tatoos. I aloso served from 76-80 and got air gun injections in boot camp and onboard ship has their been any presuptive decisions for claims from air gun injections?
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Hi Fryer
Aug 1976 to Aug 1980 then again April 84 to  July 88

Got airgun shots in Basic at Ft McClellen, AL A Co. 1st Batallion. Got airgun swine flu shot in AIT at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. Shots every year in Kitzingen Germany Harvey Barracks 66th Maint Co Jan 1977- Aug 1980.I remember we had a hepatitis out break I think it was Hep B They checked everyone in ranks inspection for yellow eyes. My friend was in isolation in the Hospital in Wurzburg but I never had symptoms.

Second tour April 84 to April 88 Bamberg Germany muna Kaserne 504th Maint. I think they just used needles for shots by then.

I did get a couple of tattoos in Kitzingen so who knows where I got the Hep C

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Hah! I was there then (76-79) CSC 1/39 - Scout Platoon, Combat Support Company.
Remember Happy Valley, the Rod and Gun Club, and the bowling alley right there and trying not to bust your *** on the cobblestone trying to get to the mess hall in the winter, or going up to the motor pool in the middle of the night to try to start at least one 113 to try to so you could get the rest jump started? Or Paddy's Day in Luxembourg?
We had a Hepatitis scare and then Hep C was non-A non-B I think.
I got tested and and was negative then and got mine back on the block in '80.
There has been a positive link between the air-guns and blood borne pathogens:  http://www.va.gov/vetapp05/files5/0531165.txt
Contact me and we can talk about old times.
Chris Lord qwijibo2112 @yahoo.com
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good to hear from you, I was in Bravo company from 77-80 and if you wish to talk my home num is 352-503-2569 or email is  ***@****   I live in florida and get home 8pm eastern time.  they gave us the live flu vaccine in Dec 78 and it caused a hepatitis outbreak but they didn't know at the time it was hep c cause they could only check for A&B. will be great to hear from you.
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Did you read the link I noted above? Guy was awarded a service related connection.
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Thank you so much for sharing this information, this is fascinating.
I am going to share this with relatives of mine who served.

Thank you
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Yes,I did also have other cases from BVA but not all are granted which it is by case by case.  I firmly believe you got yours in 78 cause they could not test for c till 92 and it was not discovered till 89.  by 1980 it would have shown up as NON Aor B.   It can take up to 6 months for them to detect the virus in your blood and Im sure in 78 or 79 they could only find the ones who had NON Aor B already but in our case it would not have shown up because when they checked for hepatitis it was too soon after the shots and there would not of been enough time for it to show up. On the 19th of dec 79 they gave us the live flu vaccine and on the 19th of Jan 79 they were checking for hepatitis but it would of been too soon for you and me till later.  I found out I had hep c 1b in june 92 when I gave blood and in july 92 thsy came out with a new test more accurate.  Hep c 1b is predominatly western Europe Germany and so forth hep c 1a is north American, I have a lot of info on it.  This is not just about me or you its about all veterans all eras who served and unless we can come together as one and prove it happened in our unit the VA will never recognize air guns caused a hepatitis outbreak and the VA will use every possible exscuse to denie a claim and most that are approved is after having to appeal to the board of veterans appeals unless you were a medic.  you were there in csc company so do you remember a johnny wireman or  Lt Baker. I have made contact with a lot of guys but if your interested on facebook I started a 39th inf group for all who served in the 39th during our time and there are now 18 members.
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I am trying to get disability for her C do you have any supportive documentation I can use to try and get my disability I served in Baumholder 1st 39th from 77 through 79
Hi you have added a comment to a post that was last commented on in 2014 I doubt the people who commented back then are around to see your comment 7 years later. I think I’m one of the very few old timers hanging around.

In my area  there are veteran counselors at the local unemployment offices they may have some suggestions.

Are you planning on treating your hep C with one of the new generation medicines approved since 2014 which are achieving cure rates higher than 98%? Have you developed any symptoms of liver disease or are you just positive for hep c antibodies and have no symptoms.

Best of luck to you. I would suggest that you start a new thread If you would like to continue this conversation.
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