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Possible risk for hep C?

Dear doctor

3 days ago I bought a blazer for shaving like shown here.


This blazer doesn't contain an edge. But it is sharpened.

I got it today (it took 2 days untill it arrived (I think something like after 50 hours of dispatch) )

When I got it, it was very sharp and I have had a small cut on my finger which caused little blood. Before use it i didnt see any visible blood on it, Also the blazer  was covered with a kind of greecy cream I think to protect it.

So I just started thinking about it and if I could get infected with hipatitis C. I don't think HIV because it does not survive that much outside body.

I think I have a big chance if that thing was used before by an infected somebody who has hipatitis C this will mean I am now infected too. Or am I doing to paranoid now?

I am thinking that because But I was reading that the virus can survive up to weeks.. Somewhere else I read 4 days on room temprature.

Well here in Europe it is cold (+- 5 degrees). So the virus can even survive more. the Blazor was despatched in a plastic envelope..

So if there was microscopic blood cells on the blazor mentioned, even then I would not be infected?

I know I am talking rubish, I am talking like, what if when I walk on street and a plane crashes on my head?

Thanks in advance doctor

Once again, I did not see any dried blood or fresh blood on it.

Does microscopic blood cells transport the C virus in this case ( or the cream on the blazer can kill the virus?)

Thanks for advise
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Thanks doctor.

Regarding to your opinion, I don't have to take the test. If you think I have to take it, please let me know, otherwise I will just relax and don't think that the only plane in the sky will crash n my head.

Am I correct ?
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Dear David377,

I understand your concern.

It is true that hepatitis C virus can survive for a few days outside the body especially in an organic environment. The infectivity depends on the viral load and hence the amount of blood on the razor

The chances of acquiring an infection is remote as –
1)    The delivered razor is likely to be a brand new one and the heat generated during its polishing or sharpening is likely to kill the virus. A reputed vendor/ manufacturer will deliver new pieces only.
2)     There was no visible blood on the razor and it is only your suspicion that some red blood cells might still be there.

The cream if it is alcohol base - may kill the virus.

Provided you have no doubts about the vendor, I think you should relax and not worry about it. But if it is seriously troubling you, I would suggest that you get a HCV RNA test done after 2 weeks and if it is negative, forget about it.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Poorna Chandra
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I am writing blazer but I mean RAZOR
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