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After Hernia Surgery Loss weigh,Vomits,Weakness No idea

Male - Age 75yrs

Now, in February, he had operations on inguinal hernia.
In 2015 he had operations on abdominal hernia.

Symptoms after surgery: Lost 20 kg and loses weight, returns eating, diarrhea and nausea. The weakening of the body.
Some time ago the operation resection of the colon.

All medical checkups made after Surgery correct.No presence of cancer, morphology correct, all good.

Loud bowel movements.
Can not eat because of still vomitting

He got different medicines but no better

No inflammation regarding on the number of white blood cells and leukocytes.

Tomography fine. Xray too.

Gastroenterologist said ot can be ulcer (not sure)

Despite the fact that the operation was in February 2017 at the hernia is splashing in the intestines, abdominal pain and nausea began in December 2016.

Doctor said that maybe after surgery occurred sterilization in the intestines and digestive system and gave a set of bacteria and did not help.

Any ideas?
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