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Could This Be A Hernia?

Exactly one week ago I began to feel soreness on the right side of my abdomen. It has gotten worse since then. When I cough or tighten my abdominal muscles I can feel a small lump or bulge. It is located right above my belly button, slightly to the right. I slept with an ice pack on it last night and it is not helping. I cannot physically see it, but I can feel it and so could a few other people when I asked them to compare sides. I have been coughing a lot lately due to being sick, so I know that is not helping. I do plan on going to a primary and getting it checked out. My job does require very heavy lifting l, but I use proper lifting techniques. Or at least I think I am... Has anyone else experienced this? I am really upset and in pain. People have said it could just be a pulled muscle. What tests should I request to get this pinned down? What should I do in the meantime? Anyone have this problem and figure out what it was? Thanks.
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