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Could it be hernia or related?

Hey everyone! Thanks for accepting me in to the group. I have not been diagnosed with anything yet (other than gallstones two years ago) but I suspect I could have other stomach issues etc. I'm also being referred to a 'tummy specialist' as my doctor says - for the last month and a bit I have been suffering with various symptoms which are probably a mix of things started as one thing then more developed!!! Anyway long story short I've also got stomach problems going on along with other stuff and a recent blood test showed inflammation and so did a stool test that's why I have been referred. I think I could have a hernia mainly because of my breathing trouble and chest discomfort it has got worse recently I constantly feel pressure in my chest/stomach and often feel like I need to take in deep breaths etc and half the time when I do I'm unable to do so comfortably as it gets 'stuck' and I keep trying until I feel relieved but unfortunately it then becomes a habit it's never ending and I've become very sore from it :-( as well as it bringing my mood right down!!! It's also much worse when I eat and after. I get very uncomfortable after eating. I also have various abdomen pains in various areas including central upper abdomen- chest pains - pains in my left side which starts towards the back and comes all around!! - back pains - shoulder, neck etc :/ Sometimes pains in my left side/back also come on when I take a deep breath or yawn. Also for as long as I've known I've had problems with bowel movements I'm usually constipated and go for a few days without going. Sometimes it's normal but very rarely!! And sometimes some foods do trigger a loose movement (sorry for tmi) I get pains right over my gallbladder area too so not sure if it's that or something else. But yeah I have quite a lot of diff symptoms that would take me far too long to explain!! I've also generally been feeling really unwell and off too every day with only 1-2 'normal ish' days or an hour or so. It all varies through the day! I'm wondering between gallstone issues developing/acid reflux/gerd/hernia/ulcer - possibly ibs but I doubt - the inflammation makes me think ibd as that's all I can find about inflammation! Just had enough of suffering for so long and not knowing what it all is causing all this. I've become really stressed and anxious over it all too which adds on so doesn't help at all! it's just taking so long waiting for this appointment that appointment this test that test and finding no relief. I'm also on omeparazole but haven't noticed much yet... P.s not sure if this is related or which condition it best fits but once or twice I've felt this pain smack bang in the middle of my upper stomach which comes on when I stretch e.g to tie my hair or something then when I press I would feel this pain!!! But this isn't everyday or often. It's only happened like twice. But most other symptoms are on and off pretty much all the time lately. Any of this sound familiar???
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How was your diagnosis for your gall stones found from an ultrasound or another method? How far away is your appointment for your gastrointestinal doctor?  Hopefully when they see you they will schedule you for an upper endoscopy (which shows throat stomach and beginning of small intestine and a colonoscopy (large intestines), there is also another test which I've never had called capsule endoscopy where a camera that can be swallowed to see the entire small intestine ( I think)not really sure when this would be used.
I am not really sure about your other symptoms as I've never has a hiatal hernia so do not know if those are what you are experiencing. But you are definitely on the right track seeing a specialist so they can determine what is going on with you.  
But I have had lots of stomach issues and getting in to see someone sooner rather than later is the best possible choice.
Good luck to you.
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