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Was told I have 3 different types of hernias..

I've been having problems for the last two years pretty bad, seemingly random symptoms that didn't fit anything.

I finally found a good doctor that is not hesitant to refer me to whomever else may be of help.  I am very thankful, but a bit depressed that although I finally know what's going on, there are no options for me.

On my CT scan, they identified one supra umbilical ventral hernia, a para midline hernia, very large spaced diastasis recti and retrocardiac hiatal hernia..

I had a consult with a surgeon, but was told that if I decided to go ahead with surgery it would be a tremendously complicated surgery that would take at least 8 hours, I'd be in the hospital for at least 3 weeks afterwards and my recovery time would be close to a year.

However, he said he advised against the surgery stating that the repairs may make things much worse than I have it right now, so basically I was told that I should try to avoid the things that cause pain/discomfort etc.

When surgery isn't an option, what can a person do?
Also, is it very common for a person to have so many hernias at one time??
Has anyone else had a similar experience?

I am a 37 year old female :)

(A little background.  I previously had a ventral hernia that was fixed during emergency surgery after bowel incarceration.  Prior to that surgery, I had 3 C- Sections, and later, I had my appendix removed, so there is a ton of scar tissue etc in my mid area.  It's this, among other factors that makes the surgery very high risk.)
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