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hiatal hernia, lump in throat

Hi, Im 51 years old was diagnosed with small hiatal hernia 4 years ago. Recently I started getting a cold or an allegy and began with head cold, runny nose (alot of nose blowing) About a day or two into the head cold, I noticed my stomach began to hurt--I have anxiety so this was not uncommon. However when I would drink a sip of coffee or tea I felt a lump in throat--sort of felt like a big burp that would not burst. and then it went away. Until the next time I took a sip of coffee--and after i sipped it and  it went down then I felt the lump again. Also after I blew my nose I also noticed this lump. Then I started getting really bad heartburn as well. I do not feel the lump any other time--it goes away after the first sip of coffee, weird..Has anyone had this. I made appt with dr. But my anxiety is kicking in and making me feel worse. I keep thinking its cancer or a strangulated hernia. I do not have pain, but I have a stomach ache and am tired. I still have stuffy nose and
cough, also chest congestion--no fever/. Please help
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Hey man I recently had softball size Inguinal hernia! And I have TERIBBLE anxiety and depression awful! And I was scared beyond my mind to go to the ER but I could tell it was getting way worse and my girlfriend is a nurse and was telling me about it could wrap around my intestines and all kind of crap! I promised my late grandfather “Duck” that i would get in taken care of for him and because I was taught your word is all you have! But I went it and was there geeked out of my minds on meds and ended up having 2!!! But me going was so hard for me to do! If it weren’t for the 1mg Xanax I took before I went in the ER AND THE PAIN I COULDNT HANDLE. Anymore I don’t know if I’d still be dealing with it! But it was so well worth it!!! It doesn’t hold me back from anything after I had the surgery! Sure this didn’t help a yones situation but maybe someone will come across and it just might. That would mean the world to me
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