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Unprotected oral and kissing

I had unprotected oral with someone after the first day there was slight heat and irritation after a couple of days I was itching a little all over my body then a small grayish pimple appeared in the urethra at the opening which was painful whenever I touched it I went to the doctor to get an hsv test done I have slight burning every now and then no burning when I pre I was prescribed an antifungal cream which took care of the burning in the urethra I've been feeling fatigues as well and had a bit of a headache I feel this is because I've been worrying so much about having hsv2 please share your thoughts doc
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Hi what  your describing doesnot suggest herpes outbreak at all. takes more than a few days to come down with a herpes blister and also its in the wrong spot to be a herpes blister.
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I read somewhere that it can occur in the urethra . Dont feel any burn in the urethra when I apply the cream. What could it be I'm trying to eliminate herpes completely
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