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have a rash that's red and has little bumps possible herpes exposure

so couple days ago around June 8th I want to a gentlemen's Club so at the gentlemen's club I got myself a lap dance the girl wasn't fully nude she was wearing underwear I was wearing clothes the question is what is the possibility of getting exposed to genital herpes reason why I'm asking is because I have a rash in the middle of my growing it's red and it has little bumps went to about 4 Doctors I got taste there for all my STDs on my STD test came back negative I got even got tested for herpes which hvs1 was positive and inch PS2 was negative rash in the same area and the doctor did a culture on it came back negative went back yesterday another doctor told me that it was jock itch what are the possibilities of being exposed to genital herpes
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You don't mention what activities happened during the lap dance, but assuming all that happened was some grinding, you had no risk. Your clothes were on, and even if she had a thong on, herpes doesn't travel through clothing. Your pants/shorts/whatever would protect you.
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