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1 unconlusive and one week positive could it be anything else?


I have recently had two HSV Serology tests.  The first came back inconclusive so I was asked to do another and that has just come back weak positive but indistinguishable between HSV1 or 2.  My Doctor has said I may or may not have either.  In some ways this is more stressful than being positive because, though the symptoms have abated, I know I have something but don't know what.

I have also tested for all of the most common STDs and Vaginal infections (Incl HIV) but didn't test positive for anything else.

I have recurring terrible smelling discharge which gets worse when washing with soap or during sex, which I have put down to Bacterial Vaginosis and have had treated twice with metronozadol (spell?) but it has returned both times within weeks.

Are there any other causes that can be mistaken for HSV in tests?  Can you maybe advise me on what questions I can ask my doctor to lead him in any other directions?

I'm a healthy 33year old female and both my husband and I have been together and monogamous for 2 years.

Thanks in advance
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It's not unusual for bv to be hard to get rid of and to reoccur like this.  Continue to follow up on it with your provider monthly as needed.  I"m guessing you aren't using condoms but using them for a few months might also help break the bv cycle.  

No reason to suspect that your bv issues are from herpes. has your husband ever been tested to know his status?

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Thanks Grace,  Hubby was waiting for my results before getting tested. He has never had any symptoms of infections, though we understand he could be carrying with out realising it.

I'm seeing my GP today so hopefully he will be able to give me a little more advice.

Thanks for replying and the advice.
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sounds like you've had poor testing for herpes too. your repeat test sounds like a non-type specific igg blood test.

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