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12-week Pregnancy Blood Tests High HSV, Need for Retest???

I'm currently pregnant (12 weeks) with our first child. I've been with my husband for 10 years and have had never had any type of breakouts on my mouth or genitals. My test results shown below just came back high for HSV1  2.20 and normal for HSV2  <.90. I am going through a lot this first trimester, can that give me a false positive with my body being under stress?  Would a retest be in order (and should I do the WB)?  Should my husband be tested to know his risk? STD test results 15 years ago had normal antibody for HSV = not positive. This is freaking me out and causing some additional worry - any thoughts would be so appreciated!

High - HSV1 IgG Type Specific Ab 2.20
Norm -  HSV2 IgG Type Specific Ab < .90
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This is nothing to be concerned about. This has detected an oral HSV1 infection from your youth. Baby will be fine and protected with antibodies from your blood. Not that it is particularly needed given the oral location of the virus.

There is no need for your husband to be concerned at all. This is something that 70% of the population has.
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Hi also. Fleedwood is more than correct in his advise but just want to add that any number 3.5 or under does fall into the falls positive range in need of retesting to confirm. I for sure would retest to avoid any kissing worries after the birth. Also have your hubby tested.
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Does the first trimester of pregnancy affect herpes igg blood test results? No it does not. The 3rd trimester can be an issue but the first is not associated with false positives.

Most adults have hsv1. For most adults, it's an oral infection. Only 20-40% of the people who have hsv1 get obvious cold sores to know it. Hard to tell if you had hsv1 when you were tested long ago and it just wasn't being detected on the tests at that time or if it's something you picked up since then. It's not an issue for your pregnancy regardless.

keep asking questions!!

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also no need to repeat your herpes testing at this point. Make sure that your partner gets herpes igg blood testing done so you know if you have to be concerned about hsv2 in your relationship or not.
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