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17-week results

So after not trusting my 10 week test, I waited until after the 16 week post event mark. My initial (10 week) results were as follows: HSV Type 1 IgG : <.10
         HSV Type 2 IgG : .34

My 17 week results are as follows:
         HSV Type 1 IgG : <.10
         HSV Type 2 IgG : .18

So I'm negative! My only question is, why the change in the type 2 reading? Is this a normal fluctuation to occur? Thanks!
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Each test kit has a slightly different control level and is calibrated to the 1 point. The further away from 1 a reading, the more noise is introduced to the result. Your body also produces different levels of junk that accidentally sticks to the antigen on the testing wells.

A clear negative as mentioned.
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Yes that normal, as long as its under 1 your in the clear.
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