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Absolute Nightmare of Problems

I recently went through a terrible breakup, emotions and estrogen over the top. During this time I slept with a guy (status unknown) used a condom, but it broke and he did not finish.

A month later, I got a yeast infection (common) and successfully treated it with monistat. A week after I got a bad UTI, treated with bactrum and subsequently treated with Cipro due to kidney infection.

I was taking BC sprintec (3 month doses) at the time in which my BC stopped working...aka I was having a period every month instead of every three months and it was happening while on active pills.

After my period, I got intense vulva irritation, felt like a stabbing knife that would come and go throughout the day. Redness and swelling of vulva. No lesions. No blisters. No fever. No tingles.

I got tested for everything under the sun with the only hit was on my HSV IGM coming up...HSV 1 negative, HSV 2 at 1.16. My doctor told me it wasn't herpes bc the vulva pain and problems persisted for a period of four months on and off, mainly after my period. When I put baking soda on it, the pain sporadically went away.
So here I am today, five months of vulva pain, no lesions, baking soda helps mildly. Guessing I should get retested with the Western Blot? I'm running out of things it could be. I'm exhausted and in complete fatigue worrying over it.

Anyone have thoughts? Thank you!
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Ive been off of sprintec (and all BC) for 6 weeks now. had a VERY heavy period and vulva pain directly after.
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Thank you for your response. My OBGY has been less than helpful.
No scratching. When I wash/wipe it clears up for a while.
I've been on BC for nine years, no problems. I switched to sprintec three month doses about nine months ago.
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Hi, constant valva pain like your describing would not be herpes related and your hsv2 fall into the false positive range in need of retesting. Also a side effect of BC sprintec is vaginal itching so this may be your cause. Are you scratching down there?
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