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Accuracy of PCR test for Herpes

Hi There,

I have had a risk exposure to herpes 12+ weeks ago via oral-anal oral-vaginal sex (performed by me) and
oral (performed on my penis).

I have been looking for a conclusive test (so as to help me get on with my life) and found a private clinic that is offering a PCR based test.

1. Is the PCR test same as the DNA test?

2. How accurate or conclusive are the PCR and DNA tests?

3. Are these tests generally recommended for Herpes?

4. At 12+ weeks, is it too early to get the PCR & DNA tests i.e. should i wait for 16 weeks to be past instead?

Many Thanks in advance for answering my questions. Appreciate if answers can be provided separately to each of the questions above.
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it's easiest for us if you just keep adding your questions to your original post instead of making multiple posts on the board - thanks!  this is explained in our read before posting post.

the herpes pcr test can't be done as a blood test on adults. it needs to be done on active symptoms only on adults.  

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Apologies for the multiple threads. Will keep in mind in future
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