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Alternative treatments to acyclovir

Acyclovir isn’t cutting it. I’m 62, been HSV positive for 40 years and still dogged by this nasty virus. Has anyone had any luck with alternative therapies?
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Lysine and tumeric
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I'm a chronic sufferer , every day since acquiring it 11 months ago, I get it all over my body.  Whats significantly made a difference is definitely Antiviral, eliminating nuts /seeds and certain grains (if i have them must use sparingly along with lysine), I take 3k lysine a day, used as a powder in my food and but I also take the pills. Increasing my vegetable consumption, green juices, and reducing meat/grain. Basically a mostly vegetarian diet. No processed foods, period. My body loves raw milk dairy works. This has made enough difference to help me deal emotionally cuz as many of you know, it can be hell. For a while i didn't believe it could be manageable but i have to say otherwise now. I hope one day I can be sypmtom free for a month, that's like a dream come true.  

I did try going off antivirals once because I wasn't sure if they were helping, since I'm a daily sufferer. It was a mistake. Within 3 days I had the beginning of my first and worst vaginal outbreak that hasn't gone away, it's been 2.5 months, seems to get better but then escalates before it fully clears up. I also have chronic discomfort and inflammation in my anus, ugh, with mild sores that pop up often. I never get the classic blisters, just different kinds of round and oval shaped sores that  crust over quickly, usually. I get rashes too and the classic funky nerve stuff. But the nerve stuff has lessened significantly over time, perhaps related to these positive dietary changes. I still need to reduce extreme stress, hoping this knocks it out of the ball park.  
The biggest issue for you here is probably your "extreme stress". Stress is a major trigger for many of us.

What kind of rashes are you getting? Are you sure this is all herpes and not a secondary infection, like something fungal, that is triggering your herpes? Having another infection can keep herpes really active. You should let a doctor check out the rash to make sure it isn't something else.
I am 49 and have had really great healthy skin my whole life until I was exposed to HSV1, I was treated with suppressive antivirals before my first OB because I was exposed and having unexplained vaginal nerve pain and inflammation. Within a month  of exposure though everything began happening crazy nerve pain all over, zings and zips, fungal infections from an overtaxed immune system. The virus was touching every square inch of me include under my eyelids, nostrils, ears. Since all the crazy things happening to my skin including some weird stuff like my skin developing all sorts of raised scars (developing from inside my skin not from a burn, wake up in the morn and there it is kind of stuff) is all herpetic related.  I even developed pretty bad allodynia (heightened skin sensitivy) from head to toe within that same month from diagnosis but that has minimized slowly and greatly over time. But it all avalanched in, one thing after another.   So yes, I am living proof that herpetic viruses, HSV1, can cause so much more than nasty little blisters. Or at least cause enough havoc in the nerves that it triggers sores and inflammation and rashy peeling skin on my labia. Doctors are baffled.  I'm really looking forward to getting the stress under control. I have to leave my job because of this and am heading home where family wants to support me, will love and care for me for the next 3 months. I was able to take off work to do it. A strict diet complete effects all of these symptoms, a lot of lysine too, so yes, no one can tell me it's not herpetic. It's the most common but least understood incurable STD.  
I'm sorry if you thought I was saying your symptoms weren't herpes. I was only suggesting that perhaps you had something else going on that was keeping your herpes so active, that's all. Obviously, we can't know your entire history in just a few seconds.

What anitvirals are you on? Some feel that hsv1 responds better to famvir than valtrex or acyclovir, if you haven't already tried that one.

Best of luck to you, and I hope your leave from work helps.
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