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Any risk for herpes?

Dear Dr.:

Recently I received unprotected oral sex from a former co-worker.  I am a male.  This encounter lasted 3 to 5 minutes and I ejaculated in her mouth.  I looked and did not notice any sores or blisters around her mouth.  The girl in question is now a lawyer, but does have a bit of a past.  Of course, I’m no Saint either.  After the encounter she assured me that her mouth was clean and I didn’t have anything to worry about.

5 days post encounter, I developed significant pain in my right groin where the lymph nodes are located.  On the morning of day 5, I did run (a mile) for the first time in a couple of weeks.  I am hoping this could be a tweaked groin muscle and nothing more.

7 days after the encounter, I woke up with a severe sinus headache.  I also had a low grade fever and severe chills.

Today is 8 days after the encounter and I have not noticed any blisters or sores.

So low grade fever (never reached 100), extreme chills, and pain near where the lymph nodes in my groin are located.

Should I be worried about or get tested for herpes or HIV? Or any other STDS?

Is there a chance a blister develops 8 days or more post contact?

I appreciate the work you guys do here.  Thank you.
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Yes the blistery patch would commence emerging and your body's immune response would kick in as a result. You would not expect herpes lesions to emerge say a few days after flu symptoms.

The first lesions are at the site of virus entry, which for what you describe would be the penis. This has not happened.

If you already get oral cold sores, or otherwise know you have HSV1, then there was no herpes risk here.
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Now on day 8, I have noticed a red patch of skin in my pubic area.  It does not appear to be raised and does not look like the pictures of herpes I have seen online.  The red skin is not on my penis but in the area of my pubic hair, an area where her mouth never touched.

Does this change the analysis or an I worrying over nothing?  Would a full blown blister appeared before the "flu-like" symptoms?

Thanks again.
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Hi, a sore would appear before any flu like symptoms or node issue and if she did not have any lip sores at the time your risk would be close to zero as does not shed that often. Test in 3 months is your concerned.
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