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Anyone been negative IgG after 12 weeks but positive Western Blot?

We engaged in unprotected sex around 5-6 times the last time being August 4th 2019. I’ve had a few lesions so I do have symptoms. The results are as follows:
August 23rd: 19 days post last exposure: HSV1 <0.10
HSV2 0.62
October 7th (9 weeks post last exposure) HSV1 <0.10 HSV2 0.64
October 28th (12 weeks post last exposure) HSV1 <0.10 and HSV2 0.63.
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Hello guys, just an update I guess. I spoke to the researcher last week and he told me not to test anymore. I asked about the western blot and he said not take it because it was not going to help me in anyway. He said that usually the igg is reliable at 8 weeks and since I tested a few times after the 8th week I should be fine. The reason he did not advise to do the western blot was for 2 reasons. 1) becuase it will not guarantee me 100% the results and 2) because I don't have any real symptoms so even if the test were to be positive I would not know where I would have it either oral or genital. I'm glad you guys moved forward and got it done. I hope everything turns out good for all of us. Keep me posted of you guys don't mind.
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Those scores are really low, so I wouldn't expect you to be positive. The only issue might be is that the IgG misses 30% of hsv1 infections.

Have you had any of these lesions cultured? That would be the best way to determine if they are herpes and what type they have. If you received oral sex, you could get genital hsv1, and the blood test will only tell you if you have hsv1, not where you have it. The best plan is to get a PCR swab done within 48-72 hours of a lesion appearing.

Even if you haven't had them cultured, has a doctor seen them?
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Hi thank you for your reply, to add more context we only engaged in oral sex the first time this female and I had unprotected sex which was June 27th. To my understanding am HSV1 primary infection would be pretty extreme in most cases. I did have a dermatologist swab the one painful lesion that appeared on the lower shaft of my penis 2 months after the encounter which came back negative. Unfortunately it was a viral culture swab not PCR and I know viral culture swabs are prone to false negatives if there is no liquid. I’m more concerned with HSV2 and know that the test misses 5-8% of infections through IgG so I wasn’t sure if I should try to obtain the Western Blot.
Are you still in contact with your partner from August? Have you asked about their testing?

Since you are having symptoms, a WB might be a good idea. Has any doctor been able to tell you what they think it is?
I am no longer in contact with the female partner. She got tested around 3 weeks after our last sexual encounter when I told her I was concerned and her IgG for HSV1 and HSV2 both came back negative. I do not know the last time she had sex before me though so I’m concerned hers could be a false negative. No doctor has been able to explain these symptoms. They all have just said “folliculitis”
Same boat here! Just sent my Western Blot off! My 12-week igg was negative so very anxiously awaiting these results!
Hey I’m still awaiting my Western Blot kit to arrive. How was the process of getting the Western Blot test done? We’re your doctors hesitant on drawing and spinning your blood? I live in New York and apparently it’s hard to get your blood shipped out of here. I wish you the best with your Western Blot results!
Also do you know what your  index values were on your 12 week IgG test?
Good morning, I am in the same situation. The only thing is that I will be 16 weeks tomorrow after my exposure. Have talked to any of the virologists at the UW? You guys might talk to them before ordering the western blot. They are really good as far answering questions. Drummer, I read your post on Terri's website and to be honest with you her response was not reassuring, in fact she tells everyone to do the blot. Sometimes I feel like she contradicts herself because she tells people the blot is only needed for IGG equivocal and 1.1-3.5 (false positive). And the blot states the same thing. Please don't think I'm here to create any tention or being negative. Going through this is really hard, Auntijessi has helped me a lot and so far everything that she has told me, she's been right. I've tested 4 times, w 5, w 10.5, and 2 on w 12.2 and 12.3 all IGG negatives. If you guys can give me any advise as well since we are going through the same thing, I will greatly appreciate it.
I called and ordered the test and then went to an Any Lab Test now location and they did the draw and spinning for $40. The tricky part was Fedex, not every location sill ship bodily biohazard stuff so I had to drive to the downtown hub and they did it.
Hey Roefa, thanks for your response. I’m rather confused about the accuracy of the IgG test and if it is worth it for me to receive the Western Blot. I also have only read about the Western Blot only being used as a confirmatory test if your IgG is in the false positive range but then again I read about Terri claiming the IgG misses 5-8% of HSV2 infections and that gets me extremely worried. There is also not a clear cut answer on whether a high negative index value means anything. Terri said it has concerned her but other experts I’ve read about claim that negative is negative as long as it’s under 0.90.
Roefa have you experienced any symptoms?
Thanks Pinky. I don’t have an anylabtestnow near me so I’d have to hope my GP would run the test for me or find a lab that is willing to draw and spin my blood.
No obvious symptoms, I did have all kinds of weird things from pain inside my urethra, burning on my penis head, redness on my penis head and itching but never an ulcer or blister. Yes, I am the same way because I read some of her comments and Terri tells some people not to worry about it even on an 8 week igg negative test with unprotected sex. That's why I'm all confused as well. I guess if the igg test was as faulty as they claim, a lot more people would advised us to not to trust the 12 or 16 week igg test but again, I'm just as confused as you are. If you want their phone number PM me and I'll give it to you so can can talk to them.
@pinky when I called to ask for the western blot, they referred me to the virologist research team for confirmation. That's how I got their number. Did they do that for you? Did you speak to anyone prior to ordering the test? Don't get me wrong is not bad thing that had it done and I'm glad you did it.
Okay, so all three of you are getting the WB?

One thing about Terri's answers is that she is answering questions very specifically to each person, as I do. She may tell someone with no symptoms and a one-time unprotected encounter with someone of unknown status that an 8 week test is conclusive, since the vast majority of people test positive by 6 weeks. She may tell someone else that 8 weeks isn't long enough, maybe if they've taken Valtrex since having symptoms (that can delay antibody development), or if they've had concerning symptoms.

When you're anxious, you tend to pore over every reliable site you find, but reliable sites that answer questions are very specific to each person, so answers may not look like they have consistency. If you were on a forum for colds and flus, you'd find different advice to people who had congestion and a cough, vs someone who has a sore throat and a fever. The same holds true for herpes.

The problem with poring over the internet, you can find all kinds of things that feed your anxiety, too.

Drummer, I'm surprised in NY that you are having a hard time finding a lab. Your symptoms could indeed be folliculitis. Have they given you any treatment for that?

I did talk with the virology team as well as Terri and all agreed upon Western Blot for me. I had negative Iggs at 5, 7 and 12-weeks. I’m hoping the Western Blot says negative as well. Anyone know the statistics or have any links for people who had a positive western blot after negative Iggs
Hey auntiejessi, I completely understand what you’re saying and it seems as if everyone’s situation is different when it comes to herpes where there is no one size fits all. Apparently theres a law in New York that makes it hard for a person to ship their blood out of state but Terri said they do have labs that she knows of in New York that will draw and ship my blood so there definitely is a way. I will try to talk to my doctor about it. I ordered the Western Blot kit on Monday but it hasn’t arrived to my house yet.

My symptoms can be folliculitis, but I feel like that still doesn’t explain the near constant tingling I feel mainly in my lower thighs and sometimes in my pubic area and buttocks. I also had a sunburn type feeling on the inside of my thigh at one pony as well so I’m just very confused. Is the IgG prone to miss HSV2 infections?
A dermatologist I went to gave me clindomycin for the red bumps that appeared on my butt cheeks but I couldn’t really tell if the medication worked or the bumps eventually just fades away on their own.
Pinky - I don't know the stats for people who were positive on WB after being negative on the IgG. Since the IgG misses up to 8% of hsv2 infections, you could assume that if all of those 8% took the WB, they'd show positive on it.

Drummer - the hsv2 IgG misses up to 8% of infections. Now that you mention it, I've heard of the NY law before. Seems like a giant pain. Have you had any imaging to look for a back issue, like a pinched nerve or inflamed disc?
I have not because my back really only occasionally bothers me. Either of those things can cause tingling in my thighs? And when you say it misses 8% of infections do you mean it misses less than 1 out of every 10 infections (or around 2 in every 20 infections?)
Yes, there are a bunch of different back issues that can cause tingling in your thighs.

It means that out of every 100 infections, it will correctly catch 92. It will miss 8. Yes, breaking that down, it's less than 1 in 10.
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