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Can I give myself HSV 2 from a adult toy?

Okay, I’m freaking out.
So last last Thursday, not this past Thursday, I noticed a bump on my lip. I figured it would go away and then come Friday it didn’t. I got worried and bought some OTC cold sore cream. I scheduled a appointment for Monday (this past Monday) and the DOC said it looked like a cold sore but they couldn’t tell forsure without a blood sample. I’m still waiting for my results.
Okay so literally an hour ago, I have a cam2cam sesh with someone. My ‘cold sore’ or so I think is gone now. No cuts/bumps/abrasions. I sucked on my dildo and then used it on myself. I’m worried that I might have gave myself HSV2. Is that possible?
Someone please tell me I’m over reacting. Thank you!
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You are overreacting. :)

First, if this is herpes, you'd have hsv1 on your lips, and IF you gave yourself herpes via this toy, you'd give yourself hsv1 genitally. There are different strains of the virus - the number doesn't signify the location.

That said, if this is hsv1, you have antibodies (unless this is a new infection) which protect you from infecting yourself in another part of your body (and also protect you from someone else giving you hsv1 genitally - think receiving oral sex).

Your sore is gone, no lingering cuts/bumps/abrasions. This makes it less likely that you would transmit anything to yourself.

So chances are really, really good that you didn't infect yourself genitally (this is called autoinoculation, by the way). It's not something I'd worry about at all. :)
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