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Can I have received a False positive?

Recently I went to the doctor and had an STD panel. All of my results came back negative except hsv2. My hsv-1 came back negative. I get regular STD checks as part of my insurance and I am a low risk as I've only ever had sex with one partner once. I realized that unless explicitly requested many doctors do not test for herpes viral infections however I did request testing shortly after our encounter when my partner informed me that he had other sexual partners at the same time that we were together. Under what circumstances does a blood test render a false positive? Also if I am asymptomatic , how often should I continue to ask for herpes testing? Should I seek another test and what do I do if its not covered by my insurance?
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Usually, false positives is when you have higher risk sex (unsafe sex but not always) with partners who have multiple partners or when you yourself have multiple partners and when you test too soon after your last exposure. I've seen some suggest on here 8 weeks after last exposure and some say 10-12 weeks after the last exposure.  If that second test (at the 8 week or 10-12 week mark) is still positive, you don't have to test again. Unless you want to get the Western Blot test which is the better test.

I am in the same boat. No symptoms, positive result, But I tested too early. I must re-test at the better time and stay celibate for a few months. What I don't understand is if I do get a second positive result and still have no symptoms, if I can get on the meds to reduce the transmission chances or if I have to wait until after an outbreak occurs to get on the meds. I'm going to ask my urologist soon about that.
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