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Can I have the first outbreak of oral herpes on the chin?

Hi, about one week ago I started to have this red, itchy spot which is much like a pimple on my chin. After 2 days I kinda squeezed the yellow liquid inside out, without any force though because it was quite soft. Two days later 4 or 5 of similar new ones showed up, each has yellow liquid inside and very much resembles herpes cold sores. I went to the dermatologist and he said it was herpes. I did not do any blood test though.

However, I read on some posts that the first outbreak of oral herpes is rarely on the chin, cause it's not as sensitive an thin as the skin on the lips or lip line. I never had an outbreak before though. My mom also had oral herpes so she said I may have got it from her but she only has it on the lips, so when I asked her about mine she said it may not be. Also, compared to other pictures of herpes on the internet, mine is not that closely grouped into each other, though they are near each other of course. One blister is even around 0.5cm away from other ones. Also, they look much bigger than those that I saw in pictures.

Is there any possibility that it is some other thing other than oral herpes? Or it's just I have a rare case?
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Hi you could but it would have clear liquid not yellow puss so you can rule out herpes and rule in pimple
Thank you so much for the answer!
I had that thought but mine do look very similar to canker sores, like round open wounds, but I know that canker sores do not grow outside the mouth. Now they all have hardened yellow puss cover, but once I wash my face those yellow covers could be washed away if I’m not careful because they get soft. Also, I am applying ointment from the doctor and taking valtrex, for the 3rd day already. I want to ask if the valtrex and ointment could be the reason for these hardened yellow puss that is covering on those ulcers of mine? Can the healing stage of herpes cold sores have those yellow covered ulcers?
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