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Can abnormal vaginal discharge be only symptom of herpes?

So I’ve been having weird discharge that has been several different colors first started out as light yellow, then light green. Texture is usually sticky like mucus. I’ve also been experiencing itches in vagina here and there. This has been happening for over 3 months. Through out those months I been getting pelvic exams that test me for and bacteria or yeast and all come back negative including STI. Until last time I got checked which was a couple weeks ago and got a wet prep and came back that I had BV. I really hope that was the case cause when I went in the doctor realized I was really worried about my discharge and I even asked him if herpes could be the case he said he doubts it. He told me that if it would help ease my mind a little that he would still prescribe me the antibiotics before even getting the results (since it takes a couple days to get them) so he did then couple days later I get my results for positive bv , I’m hoping the doctor didn’t happen to lie about my results just to ease my mind but of course I highly doubt that. only reason why I find it as a coincidence this time it’s cause throughout all other previous tests all come back negative including bv. Well that’s the background of what going on .. but my real question is can herpes cause abnormal discharge and occasional itch and that be the only symptom??  
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Doctors aren't allowed to lie to you about results.

A discharge alone wouldn't indicate herpes. It could easily indicate BV, though.

Do you see anyone for your anxiety? A therapist or anything? You should consider it if you think your doctor would lie to you. I say that with compassion, not criticism.
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Yes your right, unfortunately my bv treatment didn’t work and I’m still having abnormal discharge. Can getting rid of bv be difficult and require more treatment? &’ yes honestly I have been considering going to a therapist . This all started cause a couple months back I had these white bumps on tip of tongue which I got before I know they’re called lie bumps but eventually these white bumps turned sorta yellow and seems like it was filled with clear liquid , since I’ve never been exposed to hsv could this be a primary intraoral  outbreak ? If it was what are the possibilities of only having bumps on tongue and no where else in mouth nor outside  ? Is that possible?? Again sorry to sound so crazy about all this but I’ve never experienced something like that before ...
For some women, getting rid of BV is really tricky. Once I get it, it's awful to get rid of it. You might want to look into taking a probiotic, which can help maintain the balance. I take Fem-dophilous by Jarrow (not an ad - I make nothing if I mention it, though it would be nice if I did), but it's on the expensive side. There are other similar and cheaper ones you can try. You can do that while taking your BV meds, or after. Definitely follow up with your doc.

No, herpes wouldn't cause bumps just on the tip of your tongue. You'd have larger blisters inside your mouth or on your lips.

I'm sorry you're dealing with this. Being a woman isn't always easy.
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