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Can an IGM show up positive for Shingles? Or do I have Herpes?

I NEED advice.  Please read, I'll keep it short.

Couple years back, I had an infection that appeared to be Herpes.  Went and got a swab, came back negative.  11 months later, I went in for an IGG blood test for HSV-1, and HSV-2, again, results came back negative.

Fast forward about 2 years, I have another breakout, this time it's HUGE!  Went to my Doctor, he said it looked like Shingles.  He took a blood draw, again, for type 1 AND 2 Herpes.  This time, we ran for both IGM, and IGG antibodies.  Test comes back today, and I passed the IGG with flying colors, but got a positive on my IGM.

I've been monogamous with my girl for 3 years, and so has she.  My question is this...  Can an IGM show a positive from Shingles?  Is that what happened to me?  Or is it possible, that I was infected some years back, and still haven't produced IGG antibodies?  Cause I'm certain I didn't just catch it NOW...  Unless it was from a toilet seat.

Thank you!
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IgM is often falsely positive for reasons that do not involve other conditions such as shingles. It is no firm evidence of HSV or shingles infection.

Let's start with where exactly did these outbreaks occur, what parts of the body were involved?

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Left side of the groin, but not on the actual "private area".  Under my thigh, and around to my mid lower back.  As well, on my left thigh. and a couple about 8 inches above my knee.  It's definitely herpetic to some degree.  Doctor thinks its probably Shingles.
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I feel that I trust the IgM result to some degree, especially since the infection is clustered blisters, and looks very herpetic.  But it's weird...  I passed the IGG 11 months after initial infection, and AGAIN after this weird herpetic breakout?  The only thing I can think of...  Is that the IgM test is picking up newly created antibodies in response to what could be Shingles.  Thoughts on that, possible?
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The IgM test is too unreliable to interpret anything close to what you are saying and must be disregarded.

Swabs are the best way to go.

Shingles does sound a more likely explanation given the general locations.
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