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Can herpes be spread this way?

I was washing dishes and my sister who has herpes thought it was funny to twerk on my butt. I was so pissed off! Can I catch herpes with her having an outbreak or not. She was wearing shorts and I had thin lounge pants with no undies.  Ya I get home from work and change.
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I think I'd be pissed if I was your sister, and you were treating me like a walking biohazard.

You can't get herpes through clothing, and unless your genitals rub up against her genitals long enough to create friction, you aren't ever going to get herpes from her.

You have a lot of questions about STDs and non-sexual risks. If there is no intimate contact with mouths or genitals, these things can't be transmitted.

If you need to (and you may need to), talk to someone about your fear about this (and other germs, if that's a thing, too).
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