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Can herpes outbreaks appear on your cervix only?

I was wondering if a herpes outbreak could occur on your cervix only? If so, would you experience any other symtpoms along with this?
I also wanted to ask if an outbreak could be only internal (i.e only on the vaginal walls). If so would this be painless?
I have never had any external lesions, no internal cervical lesions that I know of, and never experienced any pain, itching, or discharge.
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If you had outbreaks on your cervix or vaginal walls, you'd probably have discharge and PAIN with urination.

What makes you ask? Have you had a positive test?
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Thanks for the response. The reason I was asking is because last year my boyfriend of three years cheated on me and I think it triggered some anxiety about STD's. I became aware that they didnt test for herpes in the UK (where im from) and I started researching a lot about it. Since then I have been hyper aware about everything going on with me (checking myself daily) and very anxious about this even though I have not had any concerning symptoms.
Can I just clarify that when you say pain with urination, you mean pain from urine passing over sores? Not a  UTI type burning at the end of urinating?
If so how would the urine pass over sores that are internal
Yes, it would be pain from the urine passing over the sores. A doctor would be able to see the sores and discharge.

You say you haven't had any symptoms. I think that's a really good sign.

Being cheated on can shake you in ways a lot of people don't realize. Please remember that anxiety doesn't equal infection. Since you are having a hard time letting this go (and I've been there), maybe consider some therapy to help? There's nothing wrong with you - sometimes we just need a trained, objective opinion to help us get over the hump, so to speak.

You may be able to get a blood test from this site - https://www.medichecks.com/herpes-tests/herpes-i-and-2-igg-antibody-profile I know NOTHING about them, so I am not recommending them, but I found them on a google search for herpes blood testing in the UK. If you use them, let me know how it goes? I'd love to be able to refer UK people someplace reputable.
Thanks for replying. I probably will seek out a herpes blood test later this year.
Can I just ask your opinion on something. In October last year I went to my doctor for a speculum exam for an unrelated issue. She said my cervix was healthy although my vagina walls were inflamed. She didn't seemed too concerned about this and nor did I because I was quite certain I had a yeast infection from a course of antibiotics I was previously on. I rang the doctor back to get the results of this speculum test, however, they said that they misplaced the swabs and I would have to come back for a repeat test.
I went back to get this test, and saw the same doctor. She said in her opinion I didnt need another test as everything had looked normal to her. I asked about the inflamed vaginal walls, and she said inflammation and abrasions are very common from having sex. She hadn't mentioned abrasions in my first appointment, and now suddenly she said this. She again just said they were probably from sex, and didnt seem at all concerned.
I felt no itching, had no discharge, had no external lesions, no pain during sex, no discomfort or other sensations during sex or at any other times when the lesions were apparently present. However I think i had a yeast infection. My questions is it likely that this could be herpes?
In addition I also experienced no pain or burning with urination.
No, the doctor wouldn't have said that they looked like "normal" irritation or inflammation from having sex. Herpes looks quite different.

If you think you have a yeast infection, why not go get checked to be sure? Ask your doctor to do a test for yeast, bacterial vaginosis, and do a PCR swab for herpes? I honestly don't think it's herpes, but the PCR swab is very sensitive about picking up herpes, and it may help ease your mind.

I understand the anxiety. I was cheated on by an ex, and after we broke up, I thought every twinge was something and would call him screaming that he gave me something. I wish you could easily get a herpes test so you could put your mind at ease. If there isn't a financial reason that makes you wait until later this year, why not test now? It only takes 4 months to show positive on a test, and even if he cheated at the end of 2018, it's been nearly 4 months since that happened.

I know you said that the doctor wouldn't have said the abrasions are from sex as herpes sores are quite distinct, however, I was wondering if its possible that herpes sores may look like the abrasions when they are healing?
In addition, would it be normal to have herpes sores on the inside of the vagina walls and not feel any pain, discomfort or sensation when having sex?
I have gone to be tested for a yeast infection now and will be getting my results on Tuesday.
The reason at the moment that I haven't gone for a blood test for herpes is because its quite expensive.
I've never had an outbreak that didn't cause me some discomfort, and all of mine have been external. I can't imagine that having one internally would go unnoticed, especially when having sex. Just the friction alone on an outbreak is painful.

Does your doctor know how concerned you are about this? Will they do a PCR swab?

Yes, cost can be a deterrent to getting tested, especially in countries where it isn't covered, unfortunately. :(
Thanks for your reply. The doctors are very unhelpful and keep shutting me down if I even bring this topic up.
I got the results back from my swab test which showed that I have a bacterial infection (staph) that requires antibiotics.
Im not sure what all this means as the doctor didn't really explain it very well.
In addition, I've been getting these recurrent fissures for as long as I can remember. They clear up within a day or two with antifungal steroid gel or fungal cream. However, the swab didn't show a yeast infection so it's all a bit confusing. I've shown these to a clinician at the SIT clinic who said they weren't herpes.
Call your doctor and ask what it all means. There are different types of staph, so I don't want to give you the wrong information. Never leave an appt with questions - make them answer the questions.

If they are clearing up with the steroid or fungal cream, it's probably not herpes. A nurse practioner I used to work with would tell people to continue the antifungal meds for 2 weeks after the symptoms cleared up so it wouldn't come back. Maybe try that?
I've collected the antibiotics but will call back to talk to them.
Im terms of the fissures, I have used the antifungal steroid for two weeks after they went and they still come back. Do you have any other suggestions of what they could be?
It could be an antifungal that is resistant to treatment. Continue to work with your doctor on this. It could also be something related to the staph.
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