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Can hsv1 transmit if the outbreak all most gone and under medication?

Hello...I'm 35 male had a intercourse with a girl..couple times...but the last time I had it..I noticed she had s cold sore and I asked her and she said it's just a cold sore. I Didnt think it's a big deal. We kissed and she did a oral on me without a condom and sex with a condom. Then I went home start researching about cold sore and found out its herpes got nervous and spoke to her and she said ya she has its hsv1 and I said why didn't you tell me and she said almost everyone has it. She said it wasn't even a blister...she went to the doctors and gave her medications. She said the time we had intercourse it was almost gone. She took the medication the 6th day before we'd had the intercourse. She said it was almost gone. Should I be worried? What are the chances me catching it orally or genital? If I catch will I catch both or just one?
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She DID tell you she had it, you just didn't know that cold sores were caused by herpes type 1.

How "almost gone" was it? Was there still a scab? Was it just red skin?

Have you ever been tested for herpes? At 35, there is an EXCELLENT chance that you have it, have kissed someone who has it (including your parents or family members), or had sex with someone with either type 1 or 2.

Ask your doctor for a type specific IgG blood test to find out.

She's right, to a point - a lot of people do have it, but she also shouldn't be performing any sexual acts on someone with symptoms. (If it was just red skin, she's probably not infectious anymore. If it was a scab, it's really hard to say at 6 days how much virus would be present.) Not everyone has it - I don't. (I have type 2, but not type 1.)

Your chances? Hard to say but probably not that high. If you already have it, close to zero, depending on how "almost gone" the sore was.

Not something I'd overly worry about.

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