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Can i get help pls :(

So i am a teen who is 16 years old. This isnt like me at all but for the first time a few months back i allowed myself to be peer pressured into doing a sexual activity which was recieving oral while there was hand to genital and brief genital to genital contact but nothing else. Never had entercourse but i am a male. Before the event i knew nothing of std’s but the next couple hours after i began to google out of curiousity. In the next 2 days i felt random itching that was very  minimum that occured in the crease on the sides of my groin.Not too bad but it was the fact that i googled on std’s and read itching as a symptom that freaked me out so i panicked and put a moisturizer cream over my whole genital area which stopped everything completely until a hour or so later. I believe this is when i really messed up, my genitals burned that whole night, the next morning it calmed down to an irritated sting and itchyness. This lasted about 2 and a half weeks before going away. So to make the long story short its been about 3 months and the problem goes away then returns kinda weekly or so. I also think that this is a too short of a time between outbreaks for another one to begin. I also left out that the first time and the second time this issue happend there were NO physical symptoms at all... i went as far as trimming my pubes to look for any lesions, clusters or bumps. But i have recently spotted 2 bumps on my penis shaft which i wouldnt have spotted if i wasnt erect and looking on my penis for bumps. The weird part is that they both were painless and appeared places where i werent having itching and stinging and both of the bumps dissapeard within 2 days. I also noticed that the stinging and itching intensifies when i sweat down there, and also i never just have these symptoms consistantly(for example, i’ll be itching and stinging for a hour or 2 then it goes away for a bit then returns.)so ive been to the doctor and got steroid cream which seems to work but the issue keeps coming back. Any input? thankyou.
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Certainly doesn’t sound like HSV to me. I’m wondering if maybe a bit of anxiety is playing a role in this? Once we fall down the rabbit hole of googling everything, we start to feel sensations that I have been there all along but we thought nothing of them. The genital area gets random itches and tingles. Nothing you mentioned sounds like HSV. Doesn’t sound like you’ve had in any swollen lymph nodes or any weird discharge and you haven’t had any sores. The bumps on your penis could very easily be fordyce spots, Which every person has but sometimes they become more noticeable when were messing around with the area. Keep using the cream as your doctor recommended. Don’t use any lotions on your man bits.  Most lotions have some type of fragrance in them. The genital skin is sensitive. It doesn’t need lotion. You might get a little dry from the steroid cream but if that’s the case, use coconut oil. Pure coconut oil. Not a lotion. If you notice any worry some marks or sores, not a general white bump, then go to the doctor and have it looked at. I think you’re worrying because maybe you feel a little bit of guilt or shame attached to the activity. There’s no reason to feel shame. Your normal person who maybe should take a step back from sexual activity until you’re ready. If somebody tries to pressure you into something, say no thanks. Don’t have time for that headache.
Thankyou so much, i still want to get tested without my parents involved, i’ll find a way. But question on swollen lymph nodes, what exactly would that feel like in my groin area? I kno when i’ve had common colds or something that i can feel a pain or sensitivity under my chin and i have felt the same thing under armpits in some cases. I talked to my mom about it and when she has swollen lymph nodes they literally swell and are obvious. As for me i never noticed any obvious swelling, For my privates where would i feel it and what would this feel like?
And im sorry, last question about herpes. So if this is tge case for me... do some people who have been diagnosed with herpes have outbreaks but with no physical symptoms. I looked all over and seen no information on the topic. I understand asymtomatic herpes is where a breakout may go unnoticed and can be mistaken for just random genital reactions. But whats it likely the case?
Whether or not you feel swollen lymph nodes varies from person to person. It would be similar to what you would feel under your jaw. Swelling and tenderness at the spot where the nodes are. Most people who have HSV have no real symptoms or the mistake the symptoms for something else. That is very common.
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