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Can you "Cure" herpes with natural anti-viral supplement (monolaurin)?

I am allergic to antiviral drugs like valacyclovir (gives me a horrible rash), so I was forced to research natural / homeopathic alternatives. I found a ton of research on PubMed / NCBI on a medium chain fatty acid called Monolaurin which comes from coconut. The research suggests that monolaurin can kill HSV in-vitro so I begin a therapeutic dose of Natural Cure Labs brand monolaurin around 6 months ago and have not had a breakout since. I am very hopeful, but wanted to see what the community's experience with Monolaurin, L-Lysine, other supplements were.
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Hi -

No, nothing cures herpes. Antivirals don't cure it, either. They just help prevent outbreaks and reduce shedding if you take them daily.

No studies have been done on any of the things you mentioned and transmission, so we can't say how it works for that, but some say L-lysine  and Monolaurin really helps them in reducing the frequency of outbreaks. Others don't, so obviously that varies.

Be really leery of anything promising a cure. Herpes resides in nerve groups, so in order to cure it, something would have to get into the nerve groups and break the shell of the virus, which isn't easy.

I understand you can't take Valtrex (and probably wouldn't be able to take acyclovir, which is very similar to valcyclovir), but have you considered Famvir? It's a different antiviral altogether, so you may not get a reaction to it.

Just because you have no outbreaks doesn't mean you don't have herpes. I wish it were different.
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Oh and I need to add that just because you don't have outbreaks it doesn't mean you can't transmit the virus. Studies have shown that even with no outbreaks, you are still shedding the virus, which means you can transmit it.
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