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Can you get coldsores from receiving oral sex

So I'm a male,
1. I want to know if I can get the herpes in the mouth and coldsores from receiving oral or is it local to the genitals only?
2. I got a cut on foreskin while receiving oral does that increase my chance of any type of herpes
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1 - If you get herpes from receiving oral sex, you'd have genital herpes type 1. The location of the infection would be the genitals, but the strain of the virus would be type 1. (The number indicates the strain, not the location.)

If you also kissed the person giving you oral sex, you could also get oral herpes type 1.

2 - Was the cut there before the oral? It might increase it the chances, but the skin on your penis is already thin, so while a cut on the foreskin could increase the chances, it's hard to say how much.

Of course, this only matters if the person giving you oral sex has hsv1. Do you know if they do? Did they have an outbreak at the time? That increases the odds  a lot.

Do you know if you have it already? Most people - like 90% - who have it don't know they do because they've never had an outbreak. If you are curious to know if you do, ask your doctor for a type specific IgG blood test

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Do I have either,
I don't know something I resent is my mother had a similar role when I was little to a worker seing many men, she kissed me on the lips when I was little.
Despite this I have never had coldsores. ??

About the event is was talking about though
Well she was a long time worker so I guess she must have

The cut got there either during vaginal with very tight condom straight after and my tight foreskin ripped quite a big cut near viens, the saliva was then all rubbed into the cut as the condom was so tight. Plus the action.

Its two week later I had one at a time red raised shiny patches  and a little redness on the foreskin lasting no more than two days but no symptoms of herpes, no white spots. No itching or pain.

But I had really bad flu bang on 2 weeks with terrible fever that made me out for that day and night, today 3 days later I still have the headpain while moving from the headache/fever but fever lasted a day.

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Just because your mother did what she did doesn't mean she has hsv1, or if she did that she transmitted it to you. If you do have hsv1, you may have it and never ever get a cold sore. Most people don't. If you do have it, you'll never know if it was from your mom, from a kiss from someone else, or from sharing a drink with someone, so don't blame your mother. You'll never know, and it doesn't matter. Most people never know.

Even with the cut, chances of you getting anything from this are really, really low.

Have you seen a doctor for your symptoms? If you haven't, you should. It doesn't sound at all like herpes, but could be something fungal, and since you've had the flu symptoms for so long, you should definitely get that checked.

Make sure you aren't dehydrated. That can cause lingering headaches.

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I just don't think it was responsible but I don't hold a grudge or anything, I mean I don't even notice anything. Maybe I didn't get. Who knows.

Yeah one doc I asked on a app who is very experienced said it could be balanitis about may day 1-5 symptoms, I'm not sure if you know as this can be fungal can it cause this reaction is that what you mean.
I hoped as everything seems to have lessened it would be ok but maybe see the doc or only if the head pain comes back?
Also thank you for assisting.
So basically I found this
Which is balanitis yeast infection:

If your immune system is weak (for example if you have HIV , type 2 diabetes, are taking immunosuppresants, undergoing chemotherapy etc), there is a risk that candida spreads to your blood causing a condition called as invasive candidiasis. The initial symptoms can be high fever above 38C (101.4F), shivering, nausea and headache. Invasive candidiasis is serious and can be fatal and therefore should immediately be reported to your doctor.

Scary as I did seem to have balanitis though I'm not any of those, maybe I should have seen the doc before, but now it's lessened it should be ok.
It had direct access to my blood through the cut I guess.
Stop googling. It's cold and flu season across the world. That's probably what you had, or any number of similar viruses.

When you were young, and your mom was kissing you, they didn't know that herpes could be spread without an outbreak present. That's a fairly recent development. If the experts didn't know, your mother surely didn't. Lots and lots of people transmitted it unknowingly this way. Our parents make mistakes, and I'm sure every one of us has things we could hold against them. Don't let this be one of them. It's not important enough. Maybe your mother was irresponsible in other ways - I surely don't know you or her, so can't say, but deal with the big issues, and this isn't one of them.

You really are fine.

Hey, nice to know also they didn't know, I didn't consider that. I thought it would have been known for at least 30 years +. You are great also. Thanks for all you assistance, kept my health anxiety at bay :). Appreciated.
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