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Can you test negative for a culture and blood work but be exposed to hsv-2?

I recent been having an itch and i did have unprotected sex I got blood work nd a swab year done and they came back negative , however my doctor said they can see I’ve been exposed to herpes in the past so he wants me to visit a urologist is it possible that it’s dormant ,? He also said my Igg is high which means it must have been in my body prior to testing is there a possibility that I’m not infected ?
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how long after exposure did you test? Was IGG type specific test? What were the numbers, how high was it?
The numbers were 7 on igg and they told me Iwas exposed to it but all my results were negative even the swabb
7 is positive there's no such thing as being exposed and not having it
Even though It said it was negative both the Swabb Nd blood test ?
well 7 is a high number, are you sure it's 7 and not 0.7 ? it can't be 7 and negative
That’s what he said 7
well then it's positive .. and it's not a low positive so it probably has been in your body for a while
Yes he said that the result show negative but it shows that I’ve been exposed so in reality he basically said Ihave it even though the test was negative
Is that possible ?
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There is no such thing as "being exposed" versus actually having it. If your IgG is high (and I'd love to get that number), then you have it. Herpes isn't dormant. Whether or not you have symptoms, or recognizable symptoms, the virus is active in your body. You can still transmit it with asymptomatic viral shedding.

Was your test a type specific IgG herpes blood test? Did it give separate results for type 1 and 2?

The IgG being positive just means that you were infected at some point in the past and your body has had enough time to develop antibodies. This can take up to 4 months, but most will within 6 weeks. It can't indicate when that was exactly, or recently or years.

I'm a little confused about your testing - your swab was negative, but your blood test was positive? I'm not sure if "blood work nd a swab year done" is a typo, or if you had testing done a year ago and again recently?

You should absolutely read the Herpes Handbook. It's free and written by one of the world's leading experts on herpes. https://westoverheights.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Updated-Herpes-Book.pdf

My IGg was a 7  and my doctor told me they found a latent strain of the virus in my system
We’re done * (correction) and both came back negative the swab and the blood work
And I believe it did give separate results and he said Hsv-2 was the strain found
There is no such thing as a "latent strain" of herpes. Can you get your test results?

If your IgG hsv2 result was a 7, that is definitely positive. Why are you seeing a urologist? Are you having urinary or urethral symptoms?
No iam not
Nd he said it’s because he noticed the strain in my body and it doesn’t make sense that it’s coming back negative with a high Igg so he recommended a specialist to see me
I have no idea what this means - " it doesn’t make sense that it’s coming back negative with a high Igg so he recommended a specialist to see me". What is coming back negative? The swab? Swabs aren't all that reliable. It depends on what kind of symptoms you had, what kind of swab testing you had done, how long after symptoms appeared that the swab was done, etc. If all you had was an itch, then I'm not surprised the swab came back negative. This could well be a herpes symptom for you, or it could have been something else and because you tested, you found out you do indeed have herpes.

Your doctor may be brilliant in other areas, but for your sexual health needs, find another one. He's clearly not knowledgeable about it.  
Well I’ve been experiencing symptoms they repeatedly said it was jock itch both the Swab and blood work came back negative he said however the Ight was 7 and the blood work shows I’ve been exposed in the past he said he wants me to see a urologist for a sure diagnosis the itch is rare Nd so are the break outs idk what to think or expect
My ig was 7.28 but the result were negative both for hsv2 & has 1
0.9 for hsv1 & 7.28 for hsv2 with range of 0.9 aswell but on my igm they both say negative Nd the igm levels were both 0.9 is it possible that it could be something else or is that technically positive Idid have jock itch and I do break out on my chest and back ?
Ignore the IgM - that's a notoriously unreliable test.

So your IgG hsv2 was 7.28? That means you have herpes type 2. Most people develop these antibodies within 6 weeks, but it can take up to 16 weeks.

You have an active infection. There is no such thing as a latent or dormant strain - you can transmit this to someone else, you can get outbreaks. Whether or not your symptoms now are jock itch or herpes, I don't know, but either or both are possible.

I hope this helps and that I've understood what's happening here.
So I deffinetly have it regardless of it saying it’s negative correct because Ijust seen my primary and he said he doesn’t think Ihave it ?
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