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Chances of herpes from one encounter?

2 days ago I visited a sauna and had protected oral and received unprotected rimmming for approx 2-3 mins from a stranger.

I guess chances from the oral are very low but what about the rimming? I was standing up and don't know if the guy doing the rimming was actually getting far enough in to lick the Anus. Does this reduce the chances of herpes?

No idea if the guys doing it was infected or not.

What are the odds I have picked something up?
I feel like I have a fever but it's onky been 2 days since the encounter
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I've now noticed what looks/feels like a pimple on the inner cheek of my buttocks,  it's not really tender to the touch and doesn't yet feel like a blister but could this be first signs of ob?
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How soon would any lesions form? It's now been 16 days since the encounter and I have noticed itchiness around the inner buttocks and around the Anus, but could be over noticing any slight sensation. Also noticed sensitive skin on thighs and buttocks?

After 16 days would I have noticed painful lesions by now? Do they always hurt? And how long does it usually take for blisters to turn to lesions on the first ob?
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OK so now 18 days post exposure and suddenly this afternoon started feeling a pain like a small cut on foreskin.  I read on other posts that hsv first appears at sight of initial exposure,  so if that was on around buttocks / Anus would it normally show on Penis/ foreskin within 18 days of first exposure?

Freaking out here!
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