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Cold sore outbreak


I usually tend to get one cold sore and then it goes way after a week. This time things got a bit weird. I got one cold sore not on my upper lip which is the usual spot, but one above the lip area. Anyway that did not got me worried i waited for a week and it went away (almost). Just before that one got completely healed i got another one on my upper lip usual spot. I used Zovirax to treat it and it almost went away but now i got 3 more blisters on my lower lip, which i am pretty sure are cold sores. Is this normal for someone who only got one cold sore to start getting many? I was touching my lower lip with my upper lip could this be the cause of spreading the virus further and that's why i got more? Please help me and thank you for your time and understanidng
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You didn't spread the virus. The virus is already in that nerve ganglia. You can get cold sores anywhere on your lips,nose. .etc
Your situation isn't uncommon.
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