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Cold sore scab still contagious?

Hey guys, I did a incredibly dumb thing this weekend. I have a cold sore that started Wednesday. I immediately took 4 G of Valtrex and started using Abreva. 3-4 days later I got very, very drunk at a party and hooked up with a girl. I have no idea about her HSV status.

The cold sore had scabbed by that time but we kissed a lot and I had kissed her breasts and we engaged in mutual masturbation (but no sex).

My questions:
1) Is the scab still contagious?
I have read a few places that it may not be contagious. It was dry at the time but I started picking at it the next day and there was still a red crack underneath.

2)Could she somehow contract HSV-1 on her breasts from me kissing?

3) At one point, we were kissing and she put my finger in her mouth then put it in her genitals... Would that put her at risk for genital HSV-1?

Its all a bit hazy but I am feeling terrible about it. As I said, I have read on medhelp and a few other places mixed things about if its still contagious at the scabbing stage...

thanks for your help
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The only risk she had was contracting it orally. The virus most likely started to retreat as the cold sore was scabbed over.
Ok thank you for the response. Regarding #3, would it matter if she put a finger in my mouth then inside her? As I said its a bit hazy

Lastly, understanding that its hard to say exactly when I am not longer contagious...
But Can you generalize that scabbed cold sores are typically not contagious?

That is what I understood from reading Dr, Hansfields posts here.

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No risk from her finger in your mouth then touching herself. I agree with Dr Handsfield.
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