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Confused on HSV1 diagnosis from Oral Sex

I have been sexually inactive for a few years and I have had the common HSV1 oral herpes/cold sore for as long as i can remember. Though
very few breakouts.

Basically I met a women NYE, we fooled around, my penis head entered her vagina uncovered for a moment until i suggested a condom. I didn't end up sleeping with her, however I did receive oral sex.

5 days later, I noticed small red pimples on my penis, on the rim of the head where the foreskin meets. It didnt 't hurt, itch or anything and barely

I saw a doctor, he commented that the red sores and overall symptoms on the site were very mild, he did blood tests and a PCR swab on the red spots for testing. Results were

    Penile swab:
    Herpes Simplex Virus 1 DNA - Detected
    Herpes Simplex Virus 2 DNA - Not Detected

From all the research I have done, none of my symptoms seem to match what others have experienced, now 10 days later and the marks look
the same.
It seems clear cut, but if my immune system and antibodies have already been bolstered to fight oral herpes over my lifetime, how is it that I
could get it genitally?

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Hi. having hsv1 oral for many years would make your basicly immune to contracting it in the genital area. So if your swab came back positive for hsv1 you did not have it oral. What was the blood test result? If it was negative that would confirm this. Remember that first time sores would appear about a week after contact so your affair was last week correct?
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Hi, there is no doubt i have had them in my teen years, and in addition to this if this was my first outbreak and i was not immune, wouldn't i have had flu symptoms, a more severe outbreak and pain in the infected area ? etc.

When I discovered them I basically looked down, saw three pimple like marks which have not given me one itch or pulse since being there, even ten days later.
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what was the blood test result?
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My result sheet only lists the swab test for herpes, I will find out, basically blood test should be positive for HSV-1?
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Yes but i dont see how you would have contracted hsv2 from the affair you had. If she did not have any vaginal sore at the time, the risk would be close to zero. Somethings not quite correct with this test results but do find out about the blood.
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Not hsv-2, Lab result is hsv-1, Doctor confirms that i have it in both areas, i just thought it was strange, seems more like the skin to skin contact left me with mild cold sores of a strain i usually would carry by mouth.
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Your correct its hsv1. What was your blood test results?
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Hi Gruber, just wanted to add in my two cents since I had a similar experience. In my late teens, my boyfriend gave me oral sex when he had a cold sore on his mouth. Being young and naïve, I never thought twice about it. We also kissed of course and after the oral sex had intercourse. Two days later, I woke with excruciatingly painful sores on my genitals and covering my inside of my mouth and gums. I went to my ob/gyn, they did a swab and it came back positive for HSV Type 1 (oral herpes) even in the genital area. My boyfriend never had any issues...nothing on his penis, no issues with his mouth except that single cold sore. I was so upset and humiliated by this experience. However, compared to your minor symptoms, mine was extremely painful. I could only urinate in a bathtub or while running water over myself as the urine burnt soooo bad. It took about a week for all of it to go away. I am now in my 40's and have not had an issue since. I think I have had maybe 2 cold sores on my mouth in the past 25 years.

  I wish you the best hun and try not to worry! I think something like 75% of the population is positive for HSV 1. Take care :)
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Thanks Dee for you reply as well. Just to clarify this case. Those that contract the same herpes in different locations were infected at the same time as in your case but those with long term in one area are basicly immune to passing it another area.
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Hi DeeDee,
Thanks for your story, do you know if you carried HSV-1 via cold sores before this encounter?  

As you said, your symptoms were more severe which is what i have been reading elsewhere for other people also, and causing confusion for me, unless I have had HSV-1 genitally for longer than i thought.

My blood tests didn't check for herpes, however I am assuming now 10 days later that if i didn't have it previously, i would be feeling more symptoms than my pimple like marks, which don't seem any worse.
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Life360 asked me to comment.

The positive DNA test from your genital lesion(s) is highly reliable, so you undoubtedly have genital herpes due to HSV1, probably acquired from the recent oral sex exposure. And it is common to have no systemic symptoms like fever etc, even with initial infections.

It is unusual to acquire new HSV of a type someone already is infected with, but not unheard of. But I have to wonder whether your past oral herpes wasn't actually herpes. Can you say more about those symptoms over the years? Did you ever have a swab test from an oral lesion to prove it was herpes?
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  In response to your question, yes, I had oral cold cores before that encounter in my early teens, maybe once or twice only. From what I have read, the initial outbreak can vary in people. Some have severe symptoms, such as myself, while others have very minor symptoms like you. Consider yourself lucky! :)
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