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Confused with risk

I had protected sexual intercourse with a man about two days ago
We both went to get tested for STD's today, were seen and examined visually by a specialist and tested to see if we had anything (Probably should have done this before sex I know)
The doctor did not see anything visual on him or comment on anything out of the ordinary
My concern is for one healing sore and blister-like lesion present on his upper thigh that I noticed during sex
Should I ignore my concern that he may have herpes if the specialist experienced doctor would have seen it during the exam and did not mention anything

I was blood tested for HSV 2 a month ago and know I do not have it, I don't think he has ever been tested before
I know all I can do is wait for possible symptoms and I will look out for my own symptoms within the next few days, when do they normally show up?
I would just like to know how concerning transmission may have been for this act if the leisions on his leg are in fact herpes
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Your very welcome.  I am happy to help.
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8 weeks is a good indicator but twelve weeks would be better. If it were me knowing what I know.I would forget it and move on. :)
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and you seem to know a lot! I really value your opinion and reassurance, even with my severe anxiety. Thanks so much for your help :)
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Your welcome
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sorry to be annoying, just one more question. If I do not develop symptoms should I go get a test in a few weeks (how many?) anyways? Or just forget about the incident and move on?
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If it was hsv (I highly doubt!!!) It could be shedding from the penis. It could penetrate your skin but the odds are way more in your favor that it won't.  Even if all this was the virus being active most exposures will not tranfer the virus. I honestly think you have nothing to worry about and I think you can believe your partner on the Dr's  evaluation.
I know if the Dr saw this and had any suspicians he would have cultured it. Since thats why you both went in the first place. Don't let the anxiety over rule the logic here. The logic says your fine
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Thank you so much for your advice! I really appreciate it.
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First I highly doubt the single lesion was herpes.
Initial outbreak is usually around 5-10 days after exposure.
You can ask him if the examining Physician saw the lesion in question and go from there.

Herpes lesions progress quickly from small bump to fluid filled blister that pops and leaks the fluid out. Then they scab and heal. Total time ten days to two weeks. They are usually painful.
Hope this helps a little
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This did help thank you, I asked him if the doctor saw it and he said yes (of course)
The doctor also told me himself that he "examined" my partner and everything looked okay visually. Is this reassuring?
Also the healing sore had a blister looking sore about an inch away from it, on his leg.
Does this at all sound like herpes? and should I consider another blood test in a few weeks even if I do not develop symptoms?

Thank you very much
Also, if the sex was protected and it is on his upper thigh, what are the chances of it having penetrated my outer skin it may have contacted?//could it be shedding from his penis at that time despite lack of sores?
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