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Confusing HSV-2 test results

Hi everyone, I am a 25 years old female and I have had cold sores since I could ever remember. My father has it so it’s certain that I’ve got it from him when I was a kid. It was unfortunate that neither he nor anyone else in my family knew what cold sores really were, until I was 20 or so and found out what it really was. My then boyfriend was perfectly fine with it, it did not affect our intimate life in any way other than avoiding contact with my lips whenever I have an outbreak.

He had no signs of herpes for the many years that I was with him, until one fine day he had some sores on his penis. We assumed it was from my HSV-1 because I had an outbreak recently and I did give him a blowjob the day before my cold sore came out. He got treated for it and there were no signs of herpes for the next 1 year (as far as I knew). We have already broken up 2 years ago as I found out that he had been sleeping around behind my back for quite some time. The mistake was that neither of us tested for HSV-1 or HSV-2 then considering we live in a country where sex and STD tests are still not openly talked about or encouraged, it didn’t cross our minds at all. So I will never know if the sores he had on his genitals were from my HSV-1 or someone’s else HSV-2.

Since the break up, I’ve had two STDs screenings which includes HSV-2. The result for my IgG test for HSV-2 last year was 1.82 (positive) but it is 0.6 (negative) this year. However, my IgM results for HSV-2 this year was positive. I know that many sources said to ignore the IgM results completely, but my gynae is telling me that I have HSV-2 even though my IgG result is negative. I have no symptoms or outbreaks at my genital area. I only have my cold sores 1-2 times a year. I have always been using protection during sex since my break up and I’ve not slept with anyone who looks like he was having sores on his genitals. I know HSV-2 is not the end of the world, but I obviously do not wish to have it or be a carrier of it. It’s kinda killing me inside not knowing did I get HSV-2 from my ex or do I not have HSV-2. What are the chances that I really do have HSV-2? Should I go for another IgG test for HSV-2?
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Hi, your second test for hsv2 confirms you dont have it and the first test was indeed a false positive. The first low reading for hsv2 was from cross reacting from hsv1 which is common. No futher testing is needed for hsv2 if taken at least 8 weeks from any prior exposure.
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That's a relief to hear! Thank you so much for your comment.
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Thank you for your reply! I do hope that it was affect by my HSV-1 instead. It would be such a relieve to know that.

My HSV-1 IgG values is 45.7 this year. I did not test for HSV-1 last year.
I'm have been with my current partner since January this year and have not had any new partners since. Had a few sexual partners last year before I did my first STD test late last year.
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1.82 on hsv2 igg falls into a false positive range  with a follow up negative result and a lack of symptoms I would assume you do not have hsv2.

What were your hsv1 igg values?
When was your last sexual encounter prior to testing?

I'm a beginner in the knowledge of this STD, but it may likely be reacting with your hsv1 readings. I would await further advice from fleetwood20 or life360 but I'm feeling you don't have hsv2.
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