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Could it be?

Okay, maybe two and a half months ago, I had unprotected sex with this girl.  Now, for about a month and a half, I experienced no weird changes in my body, no growths, discomfort, or anything, which had me thinking I was in the clear.  Then, she went and slept with one of my friends, who used protection, and he calls me up a few days later, thinking he had Herpes.  Now, I went and calmed him down, but, after the phone call, I started to get all these weird things happening to me, rashes, random pains, the like, guess I was spooked by it.  But, I started to notice what at first appeared to be a lump on the head of my penis, well, I went to two doctors, told them my symptoms, and they said it didn't sound like Herpes, but, they tested me anyway for STDs (The first tested me for everything BUT what I had concerns about, but the second tested me for Herpes) and all my results came out to be clean.  My concern is this, I have been experiencing the pains, which frequent the inside of my penis, my testicles (usually the left one) and my rectum.  Also, I've noticed weird lines on the head that kind of look like a papercut, which the second doctor, who checked my head, said was normal, appearantly, but, I still have my worries.  My friend's sister who works in a free clinic, said it may be prostatitis, but, I don;t know.  Help, trying to findout what this could be...
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See, here's the problem with that, grace, I still get the pains on my head and in the shaft occasionally, but, my bladder and testies pain is rare.  Though, I more or less experience the bladder pains more often than the testies pain.  Also, a lump the my upper lip of my mouth appeared recently, lookin' at it in the mirror, looks kinda clear, doesn't hurt, but, I dunno.  Maybe it is my nerves, so, I'll just try to stop worryin' about it, as much as I can..
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sounds like you are spending a lot of time looking at your genitals and now that a friend of yours has anxiety about his encounter with this gal, you have it too.  

you've been seen and told this isn't a std. You've had testing to confirm it. I'd stop worrying about std's from this encounter and move on from it.

it would be unusual for prostatitis from this encounter to just now be showing up this long afterward.

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