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Could this be Herpes ??

Recently found out I had unprotected sex with someone who discovered they were herpes positive a few days after we had sex. It’s almost been about a week. I’m having slight pain near the tip of my penis when urinating. Also noticed clear discharge. When urinating can see the discharge floating. No other symptoms that indicate herpes (lesions, pain, etc). Received treatment for Gonorrhea and chlamydia, with the lab test pending.
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Do you know is they have hsv1 or 2?
Confirmed HSV2.
Without lesions, the best thing to do is wait three months and have an antibody test done. Just because she has it does not me you got it to. Try hard not to panic over it. Easier said then done I know.
Would there be lesions by now? I’ve seen different sources say clear discharge may or may not be a sign?
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So this person had an outbreak that was swabbed after having unprotected sex with you OR did they get a positive blood test a few days later?
If it’s the former and they had an outbreak after you two had sex, you could very well be the source of her infection. Most people have no idea they have hsv because they don’t display typica symptoms. You should get a type specific IgG test done to see if you’re the carrier.
If it’s the latter, wait 12 weeks and IgG test.
They had blood work done prior. Resulted after we hooked up. Said they were not having a current outbreak at the time.
Hmmm...this sounds suspicious. I mean, who tests for hsv then proceeds to have unprotected sex before they get results? And if they test for hsv, why would they be having unprotected sex if they were worried about hsv test results? Regardless, test at 12 weeks with a type specific IgG. If you get any symptoms before then (usually appear 2-10 days after exposure but not always), go get a swab done.
Ya... idk. I definitely didn’t enjoy that decision either. She was having other issues and they ran a few other tests as well. I wasn’t aware of this so... not too thrilled.
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