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Could this be a false positive?

I just received my first ever positive result. Over labor day weekend 2017 I came down with a severe throat infection leading to severe swelling which was treated with steroids as well as multiple courses of antibiotics unsuccessfully- then after 2-3 weeks, everything disappeared without a trace. There was severe throat swelling as long as ulcers all over my soft palate. I went to my PCP who is also ID, and my blood work for him has only returned positive for Epstein Barr in the past with a value of 549.  They were unable to say when I was infected with mononucleosis or EBV. Neither he or a second opinion I received by way of an infectious disease HIV/STD specialist seemed to think there was a potential for it to be Herpes by appearance when I asked and both suggested I see an ENT. Went to the ENT doctor and he positively identified it as a varicella-zoster viral infection, and said it would disappear after approximately 14 days, which it did.

However, after ending my relationship due to my significant others inability to remain faithful, I went and decided to do a full panel test. EVERYTHING was negative-except for the HSV section. I'm hoping you could tell me if its something I need to be concerned about, or maybe just false positives from the EBV or varicella.

My results were as follows:

HSV 1(IgG), Type-spec AB             26.50 H - written in red
HSV 2(IgG), Type-spec AB             <0.90     - written in green
HSV 1 IgM Screen                          Positive  - written in red
HSV 2 IgM Screen                          Positive  - written in red
HSV 1 IgM Titer                              1:40        - written in red
HSV 2 IgM Titer                              1:20        - written in red

I'm told HSV are notoriously inaccurate. I have my ex currently awaiting repeat test results, do you think these results could be due to whatever the ailment was the hit my throat back in september? Or should I be concerned since that illness occurred 2 weeks after meeting my ex that he transmitted it to me?

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You have hsv1 and do not have hsv2. Completely disreguard the igm test results. The igm should never be given for herpes testing. Even the CDC is against igm testing. False positives are very common.
whats the difference between 1 & 2?
Two differant strains of the herpes virus. Hsv1 was always the cold sore on the lip herpes. It is becoming a very popular genital infection. Hsv2 is far more rare as an oral infection and is usually a genital infection. Genital hsv2 generally has far more outbreaks and is more contagious as it sheds far more than genital hsv1. It's the exact opposite for oral infections. Hsv1 is far more likely to be spread rhan oral hsv2 which is extremely unlikely to be spread from the oral cavity
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